Cultaholic Wrestling Podcast 283 – AEW Bringing Back CM Punk este o greșeală?

Cultaholic Wrestling Podcast 283 - AEW Bringing Back CM Punk este o greșeală?

Maffew, Ross și Jack sunt aici cu Podcastul Cultaholic Wrestling de săptămâna aceasta, inclusiv recenziile lor despre WWE Smackdown, Raw, AEW Dynamite și NXT! De asemenea, vor răspunde la marea întrebare – AEW Bringing Back CM Punk este o greșeală? Alăturați-vă nouă și apăsați SUBSCRIBE! Susține Cultaholic pe Patreon: Deblochează insignele Cultaholic și emoji-urile pe YouTube: Site-ul: Merch : Twitch: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: https :// Discord: Cameo: Înscrieți-vă la Wrestle Crate UK folosind codul CULTAHOLIC și primiți DUBLU marfa cu cutia primei luni: Cultaholic oferă acoperire video a luptei profesionale – inclusiv WWE (inclusiv WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown și NXT), AEW, IMPACT Wrestling (fostă TNA), NJPW , ROH și multe altele cu actualizări zilnice de știri, recenzii, liste, evidențieri, previziuni, reacții, podcasturi și multe, multe altele.


41 thoughts on “Cultaholic Wrestling Podcast 283 – AEW Bringing Back CM Punk este o greșeală?

  1. Not an American, but I've been living here for almost 4 years. Naan bread is stocked in super markets, although I only ever see the small ones and they're expensive. Curry is scarcely eaten here. The nearest Indian takeaway is about 25 miles from me! I've noticed the 'international' aisle has started stocking curry sauces now though, including Sharwoods and Pataks in the Indian section, despite clearly being labelled as products or the United Kingdom!

  2. Honestly I just want to see Punk show up and hit an off-script Buckshot Lariat revealing he's been practicing that, and only that, the entire time he's been away just to spite Hangman.

    Then I don't care what happens, I'm just here for the chaos.

  3. Kane, who was probably McGuiness at the time, came to my small town of Mullingar in Ireland with an English promotion. I knew it wasn't Kane, but who was signing autographs out front? Only the very real Gangrel.

  4. Tom is right. They are two separate belts. There’s no dispute there’s two belts. Two people hold two belts, etc. They’re both unique things with the only common thread of both being Women’s titles. It’s like saying you can’t have an undisputed men’s world champion and an intercontinental champion because continents are on worlds.

  5. I love the lads and think they do a great job, but laughing about the victims of Jack the Ripper and the whole misogynistic movement that goes with that is not a good look. You boys are better than that.

  6. I don’t even have to watch and I can 100% answer with Yes. Tony Khan selling out his entire roster for one person, especially a guy who was out of the business for nearly a decade and is in his mid 40’s, an infinitely slower worker than he ever was in the past, all because he’s desperate for a ratings bump, is utterly insane. Someone needs to take Tony’s Coke supply away.

  7. AEW didn't had the choice to bring Punk back if he wanted to. A private locker room is considered like a home by the Law. 3 EVPs and a legal advisor trespassed and entered a "home" without permission. So to avoid any lawsuits and criminal charges, TK had to bring Punk back.

  8. Jack just says some of the most random things completely out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, and it's been going on for hundreads of episodes, but I just find it hilarious. I feel like Maffew notices it but endulges him as to not be rude, but I can't help but laugh every time.

    Never change.

  9. Yes CM Punk is a cancer. No I don't have to watch the video to know that there now over a decade of evidence that him entering a promotion is automatic backstage issues. He's a disgrace and wrestling will be better off next time he quits because someone else got featured for five whole minutes.

  10. 100% watch the WWE clips of NXT 2.0 based on the recaps you guys give. I haven't watched it since they took it off the WWE network and moved it to USA..

  11. So are they just going to pretend jack got away with his crap Italian restaurant attempt. We will never stop until he does it right.

  12. You guys AREN'T washed! You've honed your contenting craft to a knife's edge! Sure you don't have the new car smell anymore, but while these young gun "content creators" might get more hits now, where are they going to be in three, four years? Probably cancelled and hawking Blue Chew. You guys are survivors; you're vets; you've been in THIS BUSINESS longer than some of these upstarts have been alive, and you'll still be here when they're gone! UP THE CULTAHOLIC!

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