Aceasta este viața într-un ancoraj la distanță | S08E16

Aceasta este viața într-un ancoraj la distanță |  S08E16

Pentru a începe să comparați cotațiile și să simplificați cumpărarea de asigurări, consultați Policygenius: Mulțumim lui Policygenius pentru sponsorizarea acestui videoclip! Viața într-un ancoraj îndepărtat are un ritm foarte particular. Unul în care problemele previzibile ale vieții normale dispar complet și în care probleme foarte diferite te pot consuma dacă nu ești atent. Și după ce am trăit într-un port de agrement în ultimele 8 luni, am aruncat în sfârșit liniile și suntem pe cale să ne luăm rămas bun de la Malta și să pornim spre marile zone de croazieră ale Greciei și Turciei. Dar înainte de a pleca spre țărmuri îndepărtate, ne luăm câteva săptămâni pentru a ne aclimatiza la noua noastră viață în natură, precum și pentru a găsi soluții la provocările particulare ale trăirii în afara civilizației.

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34 thoughts on “Aceasta este viața într-un ancoraj la distanță | S08E16

  1. Having such a great time watching your family adventures! At my house I am the sailor and my wife is the Mom, with elder son (27) being the 1st mate and younger son (25) being 2nd mate … when we sail, which has become pretty infrequent. You guys are doing such a great job and we are looking firward to watching Isa grow and get her sea legs!

  2. Can’t say enough times how visible your growth and maturity have been since I started watching back when you were in Panama… as individuals, a couple, sailors, liveaboards, filmmakers, and now as a family. A truly impressive progression, stepping up for yourselves and each other through all the inner and outer challenges, to become so solid and accomplished. Perseverance, determination, humility, and sheer will are all brilliantly shining out. Well done…Isa is one lucky girl to grow up in the light of the life you’ve created. 💕

  3. As a dad of two young ones I cant help but get nervous seeing your daughter in a carseat/stroller on the dingy. I'm sure you know but if she is strapped into that and it goes overboard…the prognosis is not good. I'm sure you are careful, but accidents can happen. I feel that having her strapped to your body would be safer.

  4. Big questions…. would it be better to add a couple of portable solar panels to increase your input to your system, rather than running the motor? Or, even to get a little Honda generator, rather than putting hours on your boat motor? (Doesn't hours on the motor lower the value of your boat… running it for 45 minutes a day seems like it would eventually eat into the life of a motor that would be a pain to pull, rather than just replacing a small cheap generator. Just my thought…(I also don't understand enough about it all to know why people don't figure out a way to use their dinghy motor to recharge their batteries…because that is another motor that is easily replaceable…but I have never seen that done.)
    Issa is doing so well and totally seems to have her sea legs!!! Beautiful girl!!

  5. It is good to see you buds back in the groove and enjoying each other more. And it was great t see you run into FAir Isle in the Med. You are going where they just left, so you will be studying their vlogs a little closer from now on.

    252K in Jun/23.

  6. I have been following you guys since you were in my home town Washington NC. I sail a 42 foot schooner but now recovering from open heart surgery. Its a joy to watching your videos

  7. Yay so glad everything is going smooth at y’all’s first anchorage off grid! That is one cute baby girl too! We need all those things on our sailboat even though we don’t get to use it that much! Lol

  8. Quick question about your NAS. Are you using solid state disks or traditional spinning HDDs ? You might get an additional power saving from upgrading from HDDs to SSDs but it comes at a price . Remember to only replace one disks at a time and wait till your array has fully rebuilt before replacing the next disk or you will loose data …

  9. Great episode guys. Isa's little laughs are adorable. I think the best shot was actually the FaceTime of Oso on the cliff with his curls blowing in the wind. I look forward to your episodes every week. Kind of my vicarious escape. Thx!

  10. Where you landed in the dinghies I’ve literally landed to shore myself when scuba diving. Awesome spot. Great scenery. Forgot to say we dived the blue hole and came back via the inland sea which is where you came through the channel. Thank you for this edit. Very happy memories diving with friends there

  11. We live here in Spain, and they always say don’t cover the pushchair with a blanket because it can act like a greenhouse and not so good for the baby in the pushchair.

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