Ce se întâmplă cu adevărat când renunți la totul pentru a naviga pe lumea nr.66

Ce se întâmplă cu adevărat când renunți la totul pentru a naviga pe lumea nr.66

Când mergi în croazieră, ai destul timp să te gândești și recent, pe măsură ce ne-am reaprins prieteniile cu ambarcațiunile cu care am navigat prin Europa, ne-am dat seama cât de puternic poate fi timpul. Pe uscat, a acționat ca un mijloc de a realiza cât de mult nu am terminat, cât de rapid, dar totuși banal a fost fiecare zi, iar acum, banalul este ceea ce spune poveștile. Sigur, viața are câteva drame în anumite momente, dar sunt micile momente, când camera nu filmează, în care ne oprim și ne gândim, „aceasta este viața noastră și oh, suntem atât de recunoscători că o trăim”. Veniți să filosofați cu noi, Becka și Zach –––––––⚓––––––– CUM NE PUTEȚI SUSȚINE: Dacă doriți să vedeți Teulu Tell Us (și un cont actualizat despre locul în care ne aflăm în fiecare săptămână) și doriți să lansați mai devreme videoclipurile, nu ezitați să consultați Patreon-ul nostru: https://www. patreon.com/teulutribe Iată lista noastră de visuri Teulu pe Amazon (practic toate lucrurile pentru care economisim în acest moment): https://www.amazon.co.uk/hz/wishlist/ls/2045NNIGRTMQT?ref_=wl_share Dacă îți place să iei unul dintre tricourile pe care le vezi că le purtăm în videoclipuri, mergi la magazinul nostru la: https://www.teulutribe.com/theshop –––––- ––⚓––––––– ORĂ: 00:00 Cum funcționează timpul când navighezi 02:11 Petite Nevis 06:21 Prieteni de peste Atlantic! 08:46 Spicy Sail 10:41 Mayreau Beach Resort 12:24 Acei naibii de gândaci din orezul nostru… 13:46 Epava britanică din primul război mondial 16:54 Aici vine ploaia, nu dah ––– ––––⚓––––––– VIN LA O AVENTURA CU NOI: http://www.instagram.com/teulutribe http://www.instagram.com/planetbecka https://www.instagram.com/zach_sea_ward BUSINESS: TeuluTribe@lighthouseagents.com #sailing #boatlife #teulutribe


49 thoughts on “Ce se întâmplă cu adevărat când renunți la totul pentru a naviga pe lumea nr.66

  1. Dropping our hook off this completely uninhabited island was a pretty incredible feeling, to say the least, and then a fun sail south to Mayreau Beach Club was also a brand new landscape, as far from the rugged shores of Petite Nevis.

    Which would you prefer to anchor at? The uninhabited island once used for whaling? Or the super new beach club with a large bar and four infinity pools? 🤔

  2. Fabulous underwater cinematography with an epic sound track. This episode is a must see, uniting with sailing friends on a beach cookout, diving on a old English wreck and enjoying the daily cruising lifestyle, Top notch, you guys make our day and we are so Happy for the chance to share these unbelievable adventures with you both.

  3. put the rice in water, the bugs float to the top. Skim them off. No such thing as rice without bugs. Every bag you buy has bugs. can always microwave the rice when you get it for about 2 min per pound. It's just a thing you accept with raw grains.

  4. Well that was a good one folks.
    I was waiting for this one to see what you thought of the remigo. I made a terrible mistake and bought a 3.5 hp petrol. I thought you may shed some light on the EO in this episode. But I’m going to go ahead and order one. Looks so cool and quite too. No messing around with petrol and oil. No recoil when starting.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. The bugs come from eggs on the rice when it's being harvested that's why you get them when it's sealed….freeze the rice for 24 hours it will kill the eggs…or if they already hatched freeze for 24 hours and sift out the bugs… they're harmless won't hurt you

  6. Bugs…The only “Sure Fire” way to eliminate in Flour, Rice, Oats, etc is seal in airtight bag & Freeze minimum of 2 weeks…This kills the Bug Eggs…Just consume normally but still keep the bag sealed…Good Luck

  7. Hi Tribe, the bugs are actually weevils and are in the rice even before packaging, the rice comes to these places via massive cargo ships and the rice bug is already there in their billions, because that rice is not classified as class 1 grain and has not gone through the cleaning process. Great episode, heaps of bugs, I mean hugs 🇬🇧🇦🇺🌈🤣💖

  8. Thanks you two. I love starting out my week with you. Another vlog I watch has always just explained to people that in the southern hemisphere locally grown stables will have bugs in them. Not my cup of tea, or yours either obviously. He cooks his rice and such and scrapes the bugs off the top of the water. Weevils in the flour just get cooked. 🤢🤮Love you.❤🙏

  9. And now, fresh from episode 12, I am so glad to hear you saying the same thing and confirming the best decision you ever made. I appreciate the journey you two have been on and look forward each week to new sights and new places. As a free diver, I always enjoy it when folks venture beneath the surface with only the lungs and legs to propel them. The temptation to stay is measured against the need to breathe. Always wanting to stay longer but knowing it will only take a moment to capture another breath and be back down to the incredible universe below. Hope to see you one day. It may be us on the cruise ship but we will keep an eye out for you. February in the Bahamas is our next adventure. She and I (after 43 years) still think we are like you two, only our boat most often is a ship. And our sailboat? Might turn out to be a Catalina 30 for some easy sailing of the Coast of Southern California. Thank you both! Keep going.

  10. All right guys! Over 50,000 subscribers!!🎉🎉🎉🎉woohoo❤
    The Teulu Tardis is bloody doing it! It was nice to see you with the Athena bunch…good to have friends drop by! Beautiful island idyl. Looks like you beat up that coconut too- yum! So happy for the adventure you are having and thanks again for taking us along. Becca’s mask was trying to drown her 😮 oh my! Did the bread on the stick work out? Didn’t see it finished…you are both awesome 👏

  11. Weevils. In food aboard ships was very common. For yourselves there is no real solution . Soak the rice and they will float off. On large MV they have chilled dry stores which solve the problem

  12. To stop the bugs go & buy some Bay Leaves. Put 1 – 2 into pasta, rice, flour & any other dry goods that are going to attract bugs. Unfortunately rice sometimes is packaged with the eggs in it & that is a good reason to wash your rice before use. Hope this helps. IT WORKS.

  13. The insect eggs are harvested with the rice, and found in the rice powder of every bag. Same goes for flour with the flour beetles. Given enough time (and you don't know how long a store had it_) the eggs hatch and the larvae feed on the food.

  14. I think the thought of bugs being in your food doesn't go well with us lot from the UK, I've lived in Australia for 30 years and I still haven't got used to bugs.

  15. If weevils are already there, either MICROWAVE the offending food item for five minutes or DEEP FREEZE for two hours. Then, when clear, insert the BAY LEAVES (or VACUUM PACK (CRYOVAC) if this is possible). This is for pasta, flour, muesli, rice, biscuits etc., all grain products.

  16. Hi, another fun video. You can freeze the rice to kill the weevils and then rinse most of them out when you cook it. It's a bit icky but won't kill you!

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