Am scapat bompresul !!

Am scapat bompresul !!

În acest episod renunțăm la unele slujbe din curte și renunțăm la bompres. Mulțumesc pentru vizionarea acestui episod!! Alăturați-vă nouă pe Patreon pentru a ne susține aventura!! Patreon -Actualizări și fotografii exclusive. Instagram Vă place muzica noastră? Înscrieți-vă la Epidemic Sound folosind link-ul nostru de recomandare și primiți 30 de zile GRATUIT și fără redevență.


9 thoughts on “Am scapat bompresul !!

  1. Good to see you getting ready to get wet. It seems all boat work takes far longer than anticipated, and some little thing appears out of nowhere to frustrate you. Hope things move along smoothly now.

  2. And from another kiwi. Someone once told me, "that a yacht is just a hole in the ocean, into which you pour money." Which for me, was application of new antifoul and replacing the anodes. Plus Plus Plus other incidentals, that showed up while on the hard. Loving your channel. Take care and atb from down here in Nz.

  3. You know, All the cool kids have ditched their anchor chains & have made
    the switch to synthetic anchor rope. It does not clank, nor rust, is lightweight
    does not damage the chain locker, is cheaper & stronger & lasts longer.


  4. Glad you were close enough and had help getting into port. I have lot smaller boats and know all the work along with the cost of maintaining it and all I do is go fishing. What an adventure you two are having. Awesome !!!

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