Care barcă cu pânze este cea mai proastă? Ep 233 – Lady K Sailing

Care barcă cu pânze este cea mai proastă?  Ep 233 - Lady K Sailing

Astăzi ne uităm la ce chilă de barca cu pânze să alegeți pentru navigația în Caraibe, navigarea pe lac, bărci cu pânze cu pânze și curse cu barca cu pânze. Vorbim despre bărcile cu pânze Beneteau, Hunter, Jeanneau și Hunter și despre navigație în Bahamas și Caraibe. Aruncăm o privire asupra barcilor cu pânze cu chilă completă, bărci cu pânze cu chilă cu aripioare și bărci cu pânze cu chilă cu aripioare modificate. Lady K Discord: Ai nevoie de un consult? Faceți clic aici pentru a trimite un mesaj: Vrei să ajuți să sprijiniți Lady K Sailing? Faceți clic aici pentru a deveni Patron: Sau aici pentru a face o donație unică: Urmărește-l pe Lady K pe Facebook: https:// sau Instagram:


38 thoughts on “Care barcă cu pânze este cea mai proastă? Ep 233 – Lady K Sailing

  1. The worst keel is the “keel over”, usually happens between midnight and 4:00 am. Also if you can see one from shore then that guy has a bad one…the worst!…

  2. You may be an expert on boats, but you really know nothing about cars. SUVs and Crossovers really are terrible at almost everything. Correction , they're rubbish at everything except giving yo a good view.

  3. Full keel for me. If I were younger I'd buy a classic FOLKBOAT . just my size, easy to sail, near impossible to capsize, not super fast but no slouch either.

  4. 100 years ago, my brother and I had a 22 ft comet and a lighter lightning' Sailing and racing on lakes, a drop centerboard gave us maneuverability, good attack into the wind and SPEED. Pull it up when docking, drop it down when working

  5. As an owner of both a fin keel and a full length keel boats, a following sea means a great deal more tiller control as the fin keel boat swivels with the wind as each wave passes underneath. The fin keel has on many occasions sailed at 8 knots, while we are much more comfortable at 5 knots on our full keel boat. Following seas are not problem for the full keel boat.

  6. Back in the early '70s, my old man had a Islander Bahama 24 with a full keel. His buddy had a Pearson 26 with a fin. Yes, the Pearson was marginally faster (around a1/2 to 3/4-knot advantage to the Pearson), and could point higher into the wind. BUT on Lake Erie where the waves kick up in a hurry, the Pearson would pound on 3-4-foot waves whereas the Islander cut through the waves because of the shape of the hull at the front. Later, the Old Man bought a fin keel Catalina 30 with a fin keel … It rode like a bucking bronco! The round bottom front hull would ride up on the short-period Lake Erie waves, where the full-keel would slice through.
    Fast forward a few years, and the Old Man retired and was looking for his ocean-going boat to sail the world, and he found a Challenger 38 ketch with a full keel. He added a 4' bowsprit to allow for twin jibs, and along with the addition of a main topsail which technically turned it into a cutter-rigged Ketch. VERY stable for long-distance sailing on the open ocean. With the (relatively) short masts allowing for more sail area down low.compared to a sloop rig, it did not heel nearly as much. The sails could be set for days at a time! in 1984, he was (single-handing) sailing from the Bahamas to Bermuda in the same major storm that sunk a couple of Tall Ships. No he didn't have all of those sails up in the storm, but the Challenger made it through with no damage, although HE did have to stay awake for 60 hours straight! After provisioning in Bermuda, he then sailed on across the Atlantic… but that's another story…

    Islander, Catalina and Challenger boats were all built within a few miles of each other in the Los Angeles area…

  7. I have an atkins thistle and find her great, comfortable and secure. Any sailboat will get to hull speed in 15 knots of wind. In lighter conditions a fin keel may be slightly faster but the difference is not worth shouting about. Storm in a teacup! The big difference lies in manuevering in harbour, mine is a dog in this situation but a gem at sea. Mine has much less leeway than most fin keeled yachts.

  8. Thanks for this video. For those of us that don't get to sail until we retire and move to Florida, can you do an addenda on the swing keel? That versatility intrigues me…

  9. I love the semi longkeeler. It starts like any longkeeler but at 2/3th it stops, then a skeg and rudder. The benefits of both longkeel and semi long keel it that the rudder is well protected by keel and skeg.
    The semi longkeeler combines, in my humble opinion, the best of both worlds but behaves more like a longkeeler because of all the weight and that big wetted surface. It still is a pain in te ass to turn tight in any marina but with only 22ft that does not matter.
    I sail in heavy winds and waves where the light and fast boats have to stay in.

  10. My Bayfield 36 (waterline) cutter had a full keel with a cut back entry. You had to anchor with a sail at the stern to keep her from putting her stern to the wind and bow on the chain.

  11. That was great! Really enjoyed your commentary. Lol. I’ve been thinking mini bus or 45” yacht. As I watched I concluded a short winged/bulbous keel! 👍 I would choose stability and the protection of a bay over speed and wing angle. 🙏✌️👊❤️subbed

  12. Mmm that's not entirely true about speeds and drag with full keel boats. My Tyler Hull (custom Ohlson38) sails faster than majority of production fins out there. It really depends on too many factors to say A B C is faster and less drag. Handling is a tad slower at low speeds that is true.

  13. My little Hurley 22 is a cross between a fin and a longkeel, (a short longkeel) with internal ballast, no keel bolts and 42% ballast, she rides the swell as good as many larger boats and as she carries very little windage.
    I've owned a range of sailboats from Contessa 32's to a Samfire 26, but for pottering along the coast single handed, i really rate the Hurley's keel.

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