Deci doriți să cumpărați un catamaran: ATELIER LIVE

Deci doriți să cumpărați un catamaran: ATELIER LIVE

Cu catamarane combinate de 60.000 nm în întreaga lume, gazdele dvs. James și Peter sunt amândoi navigatori cu catamaran cu experiență. Astăzi suntem ÎN DIRECT de la San Blas, Panama (rar) și vorbim despre catamarane, suprafață de navigare, deplasare, viteză și dezvăluirea cifrelor implicate în alegerea unui catamaran potrivit pentru TINE. 🙂 Sper că toți învățați ceva. Nu uitați să dați LIKE videoclipului! 🙂

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Canon 70D – obiectiv 10-18 mm – Videomic Go – Gopro Hero5 –

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35 thoughts on “Deci doriți să cumpărați un catamaran: ATELIER LIVE

  1. Great to see you again and I’m truly happy your life is moving in the direction you want it to…
    I miss your sailing content so much it’s easy to see why the comments so far are what they are.
    You tell us you’re in Easter island but no content sharing the island and nothing really sailing related.
    Your videos overcoming difficulties and making repairs in a way that were helpful were of value, your song and social life aren’t.
    As someone who donated to your boat fund and bought merch I’m also about ready to move you off my subscription list as well. It kind of feels like you got what you wanted from people who genuinely wanted to support you and then quit giving us what we were promised for our support.

  2. I'm a drummer 1st and / vocals/ guitar…… you got some talent James and a good vibe presence… What board/interface are you using? I'm nearly complete with my home studio after 3 years, all work done by myself and 2 dogs, my son helped me with a patio door…. Years ago I had a Catalina 27 and didn't have the time…. I've told myself unless I can create something new to change the world then I would sell everything and learn to sail the world.

  3. Better than I can sing Fer sure. But u should try try more tonality from down deep in your gut not in your head. Too tinny any ur pitch is off..
    Slightly at end of ur still good for amateur and way better than me. And better than most
    Your interviews, sailing. Travel and life knowledge is more interesting since your tunes are repetitive and evolution and clarity is overshadowed by your falsetto
    Love you guy..

  4. If you only read one comment…

    Zingaro for life!

    This video was posted 8 hours before I had the opportunity to watch it. 1,600 view, 27 comments. Not your regular YT content or responses. Been a minute since you've played and sang for this audience.

    I have watched since you had like 3k.

    James, you seem happy! A beautiful woman that loves you, a baby on the way, and as a bonus you do what you love.

    You shared a personal moment with us. Thank you! Just remember, not everybody can hang. They tune in for their own reasons, not to celebrate yours.

    Keep being you, my friend!

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