De ce este acest frigider cel mai greu proiect de barca de până acum?!

De ce este acest frigider cel mai greu proiect de barca de până acum?!

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50 thoughts on “De ce este acest frigider cel mai greu proiect de barca de până acum?!

  1. I know y'all don't want to hear this….. But the beams need the red gone. A lot of work yes! But think how much harder the work will be with the rest of the interior finished. Dust EVERYWHERE!!! 🤬 Maybe be 3 or 4 times more time and labor also. Just me but I've made the mistake of waiting till every thing was done. Then when I started doing the sanding and finish that I postponed I wanted to die! The mess that resulted in damage to some of the already done finish soooo MORE sanding. The result was The 20 or so hours I saved by putting it off only took 60+ hours to do it later. Just giving y'all my experience when I waited to do finishing work later on to "save time".

  2. Aladino's work is masterful and his attention to detail is always impressive! However I am skeptical about the size of that Fridge. How many cubic feet is that and how long will it be before Maya wishes she had more space? Most people who go camping for the weekend take a larger ice chest than that. Love your channel!

  3. I'm not a sailor, but I imagine myself crossing an ocean without cold provisions, and my next thought is, I would never be a sailor. I love a great adventure, I also love a great plan for the great adventure. As always, the level of workmanship and the attention to the smallest detail is nothing short of amazing. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  4. We were just wondering how you will remove the moisture that builds up in a fridge on a boat? There is no drain and no matrix to keep items dry in the bottom of the fridge. Or are we getting ahead of the plot. 😀 Sail Safe Guys, Ant & Cid.

  5. I am so privileged to be able to follow your build. I am so very glad that you show all the stages even all the sanding, which is very important work. I have learnt alot from you. Take care and God bless you. Keep up the amazing work.

  6. Are you going to put something between the bottom of the fridge and boat for added support and aid in less noises from even the slightest of movement. Even some foam spray?

  7. Your doing great Maya, it’s the small tedious long shitty jobs like sanding and varnishing and sanding and varnishing…… that when finally finished makes you smile, your talents are astonishing and life will be carrying those beautiful musical sounds again. ♥️♥️

  8. Aladino, if it's not too late already (I realise video publication follows behind actual work) might I beg you to reconsider the design of the fridge lid..? Although I think you are putting the cooling plate against the curved (angled) outer wall, there is still quite a bit of space that will be left 'tucked up' under what appears to be a fixed panel along the hull side of the lid.
    This odd-shaped space would be perfect for a shallow shelf or basket to take shorter items, like small jars, small tubes, and all those itty bitty bits that end up in the door shelves of normal refrigerators, yet still leave the deepest part of the fridge for taller items and bulkier items.
    If utilised for the 'itty bits', the fixed outer half of the lid probably ought to be also able to open so as to enable easy access from the top, and thus better enable the use of that odd-shaped area.
    Just a thought for your consideration….

  9. More great content guys, I'm still in the hospital and your channel never fails to occupy my mind, it's not repetitive for someone like me who wants to see everything. I can't wait until you splash this vessel, I'm sure it will be beautiful because you work together. LOVE your stuff guys

  10. No refit is complete without a lot of "Oh Glorious Sanding!" as anyone who has watched Sail Life would tell you. So sand all you want, we'll watch more. 😁

  11. Submitted for your consideration: Many of your viewers have had little or none experience working with their hands. They may be incapable of appreciating the sometimes monotonous work necessary to achieve what could be beautiful results.
    The efforts extended only add to the joy of a beautiful finished project! Be proud!!!

  12. The worlds first bullet proof fridge is a fact! Overbuilt is an understatement for that unit. One thing it is, compressor or no, it is already very cool! I also love the look of the natural teak, its so much less obtrusive, more reserved in a way. This boat is set to become a major tourist attraction! That's probably not what you were aiming for but I'm convinced it will become a true sailing home on the oceans.

  13. I totally understand the thinking on different approaches to getting things done right. It surely is a big part of doing a job so there's no hiccups to contend with.
    Y'all are doing a superb job and yes, there's lots of tedious things to get done but you're knocking it out a bit at a time.
    Risky a pleasure to see this work in progress and the detail y'all share makes us appreciate your hard work even more.

  14. Ingenuity, ability, know-how, and many more skills are all essential to bring this project to fruition—boundless admiration for the pair of them. Patience and forbearance do not fit easily with youth and ambition. I feel their frustration at the seemingly endless tasks demanding attention. However, that said, there are few other routes which will eventually lead to a happy and fulfilling life.

  15. Huh I actually think that the sanding is one of the most satisfying parts. 🙂 Good job, fridge looks great. Can imagine it being nice to finally imagine one of the things you love so much – cooking.

  16. Great example how a think-try-refine cycle produces an outstanding result.
    One question though – is there a reason you don't install a drain from the fridge? My experience with quite a couple of different boats is that every box fridge develops some kind of sump that needs either to be drained, or painstakingly cleaned and dried?

  17. To be honest, the idea of making your own custom fridge never came to my mind as feasible – what I adore about Aladino's work is the inspirational as well as educational aspects – thank you Maya! (BTW, I volunteer on a tall ship and half of the training/maintenance day there is – you guessed it – sanding 😅).

    Thank you for making these videos and Help you God!

  18. Looks better every episode. Everyone knows that a project that large requires a MASSIVE amount of sanding by an expert and Maya you have now certainly qualified as such. I can't wait to see the results with the varnish.

  19. Maya, these videos are fun and interesting. I know there is much more that you do that is not on camera. My prayer for you is that you can more and more come to embrace the process. Seriously, I really enjoy the craftmanship of Aladino and the excellence of the editing. And I am not a boat builder, but I love watching the technical stuff of the build. Please don't get discouraged. You are doing a wonderful job. Thank you.

  20. nice work.
    I didn't see it, maybe you thought about it, fridge needs a little hole in the bottom to let water out(from condensation, ask me how I know..I built my boat fridge without it). All fridges should them.

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