Am găsit cel mai uimitor loc de pe această insulă MINUTĂ – S4EP6

Am găsit cel mai uimitor loc de pe această insulă MINUTĂ - S4EP6

În acest episod ne verificăm oficial într-o țară nouă! Explorăm Grenadinele cu barca noastră @SailingSunday și ne distram foarte mult pe apă. Avem apoi niște VESTI MARE ca Kiki și vă informăm despre logodna noastră recentă. După ce am descoperit această stațiune rece, prietenoasă cu marinarii, pe micuța insulă Mayreau, continuăm sărbătorile cu cocktailuri la piscină și o călătorie fără scop în căutarea unui burger ieftin. Multumesc pentru vizionare! Asigurați-vă că ați apreciat videoclipul și ABONAȚI-vă dacă doriți să vedeți mai mult conținut. Urmărește-ne pe Instagram: @taylorfrancis_ & @casszabielski & @kricketscreations CUMPĂRĂ MARFĂ TAYLOR’S TRAVELS: Dacă vrei să-mi susții canalul și să obții beneficii suplimentare, cum ar fi acces anticipat la videoclipuri, produse cu reducere și conținut exclusiv, devii un Patron:, poți să plătești direct prin intermediul poți să plătești direct prin intermediul


40 thoughts on “Am găsit cel mai uimitor loc de pe această insulă MINUTĂ – S4EP6

  1. ⚓🚤⛵⚓🚤⛵⚓🚤⛵⚓🚤⛵

  2. Not to be adversarial. Engagement's are fun. There is no reason to get married in 2023. This is from a married person. I got married the 1st time when I was Taylors age. I would suggest some challenged living to really evaluate your relationship strength. I wish I had. Goodluck either way.

  3. Wow! Wow! Congratulations! You know I knew you were going to tell us about the engagement, because I saw the ring before you made the announcement on a scene before the announcement! I saw that on your left hand!!! so happy for the both of you! It would’ve been nice to have seen the romantic engagement through Kiki and your video but we understand!!
    You’re not pregnant r u? U we’re drinking, I think, , sooo noooo

  4. Congrats to both of you!! I have followed you since you were on Doodles. You have really grown so much in your confidence of who you are and what you want! Best wishes!

  5. Congratulations Taylor & Kiki! Seems you are well matched and support each other in many ways. Thanks for continuing to share your journey.

  6. Congratulations , wish you both all the happiness in the world.
    I remember when Taylor was crewing on Delos and she was involved in some nasty boat chore . She was chanting " don't need no man". My first thought was maybe, and if I were a younger bloke I would be getting in line.

  7. welcome back Taylor. Congrat's to you both on engagement. Great video hope the burger was what you expected. Beautiful area you are in. Catch you next video

  8. Congrats, yup, met you on Sailing Doodles (quit following Bobby cause it got like soft porn) stuck with you – glad you're making headway. 🙂

  9. Congrats on the engagement 💍, Kiki is awesome, i like him. Finally Taylor i was waiting for this!!! Greetings from Canada 🇨🇦

  10. Congrats Taylor &______ . I forgot his name . So sorry bout that, fill in for me. I think you made great choice . Ps he cooks, great breakfast he made. Since I have been marry for 22 years ,I would like to share a few tips with you lovely couple. One —- think about partner when making decision. Two—— every couple get upset but it depends on them how far it goes. Three——- never make serious decision when upset because it always turns out to be wrong. Four——- see each other as equals. That’s what I use to guide me through 23 years of marriage , plenty happy times , few upsets . It really works for me and wife. Again congrats to the two of you. Fair wind and smooth seas in both life and traveling. Yaaaaaaahhhhhhh she got engaged.

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