Asa ar trebui sa fie navigatia!

Asa ar trebui sa fie navigatia!

Navigați în jurul Greciei și explorați câteva peșteri marine. Dacă vă plac videoclipurile și doriți să contribuiți la realizarea acestor videoclipuri, linkurile pentru venmo, patreon sau paypal sunt mai jos: /samholmes$SamHolmesSailing Bitcoin: bc1q23xsnagqat94tcu6tr40zcj504njlzqq2hg39c Urmărește-mă pe instagram @SamHolmesSailing


24 thoughts on “Asa ar trebui sa fie navigatia!

  1. These videos are too cool! Thanks for sharing your rationale when tackling projects and navigating. That way, those of us considering learning to sail can, maybe, tuck a bit of a seasoned sailor’s knowledge away for later on. 👍🤗🤔

  2. Sam I've been watching you since you set out from SoCal on Swedish Fish. I've owned many boats in my lifetime (and I've got fathoms on you) but one that is still close to my heart was my R23. In any event, I've been wanting to ask/suggest, can you pls time stamp the videos so we know when they were recorded. Or is there a reason you don't do that. Would be super helpful to getting our bearings straight on how far back they are in time. An understanding of the weather and all you know. Glad to hear you are snuggling the cold months with AE. She seems such an awesome beauty.

  3. The play in the tiller is from wear in the fitting on top of the rudder post where the bolt goes through. Shimming the sides is just fixing the symptom. I know because my boat needs to have that part pulled off and a bushing installed at a machine shop. One of my cold season projects.

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