Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) – Enya (cu versuri)

Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) - Enya (cu versuri)

Aceasta este piesele mele preferate ale Enyei, Orinoco Flow. Am văzut recent un videoclip ca acesta și mi-a plăcut foarte mult, așa că m-a inspirat să-l fac pe al meu. Sper să vă placă melodia și pozele la fel de mult ca mine. 🙂


40 thoughts on “Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) – Enya (cu versuri)

  1. When I was little my mom had this album and me and my cousin loved this song so much and we will listen to it all of the time I love this whole album

  2. ALL the calamity's that are going on around the world will lead to a Sunday Law Which will The Mark Of The Beast, Those that keep gods seventh day sabbath will be prohibited from buying and sell and persecuted. Jesus is coming are you ready?

  3. This is such a nice, easy calming song, wish there was more music like this today, luved it when it first came out, still gives me peace today at 58, wish there was more music like this, good old days I guess before everyone was outraged about everything

  4. Time to sail away onto a new journey. Thanks for the lessons! There is some new magic waiting out there for me 🧚‍♀️💕🦢🌊🌸

  5. I used to sing this and annoy my oldest sister and then we recently went on a cruise to Alaska and she said all she could think about was me singing this song hahahahaha. Over 20 yrs later I didn't even remember she did

  6. Wow!! I owned Enya's album in 1988! Played it til the tape popped! For those who remember. Her music style has always been so beautiful and mystical. Like the celtic sound.💙

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