Styx – Come Sail Away (Videoclip oficial)

Styx - Come Sail Away (Videoclip oficial)

Best of Styx: Abonează-te aici: Videoclip muzical de Styx interpretând Come Sail Away. Numărări de vizionări YouTube înainte de VEVO: 1.893.702. (C) 1977 A&M Records #Styx #ComeSailAway #Vevo


24 thoughts on “Styx – Come Sail Away (Videoclip oficial)

  1. I came here to hear that song eric cartman from an adults cartoon sand it and it sounded funny now i actually like,i know all the lyrics in 2 days

  2. Had to come back to this one today cause I was thinking of my father. I'll be damned if I ever figure out why he liked this band so much, but it makes me smile every time I listen. RIP Dad, 1965-2018.

  3. Wow this song brings back great memories from my teenage and young adult years . Cruising the streets in my camaro blasting this era of music out cheers .

  4. I will try Lord.. I will try…too carry on.. we lived happily together so the story goes…
    we will try the best as we can to carry on… a gathering of Angel's appeared above my head… love this song Constance Miller got it for my birthday.. Another gift Elton John Christmas awesome music from gifts of the heart…

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