Come Sail Away Versuri Styx

Come Sail Away Versuri Styx

Versurile To Come Sail Away By Styx 1977 NU SUNT INTENȚIUNI DREPT DE AUTOR!


44 thoughts on “Come Sail Away Versuri Styx

  1. Rainmaker movie?
    To exist beyond yourself.
    Our reason for existing. #1.
    Genocide is the pandemic.
    Your money or your life?
    Last call.
    Need peer pressure for the right reason.
    All aboard…

  2. Great vocal opening, great build, but it felt like it just didn't get to its goal. Maybe that's on purpose, just launched now imagine them disappearing into the unknowen……..

  3. Grace Jones on Maureen life's helpers banns helpmates. I crawled out of the tunnel their lads by Aquaman with his Biden partnership had drown me when I was trying to show the lads how I had grown to look older sister by colony by tribal legations

  4. Personally I adore the first part and then the rest of the song I just can’t get into which is really fucking unfortunate

  5. This song is made to help yourself against destruction. My lost daughter sang very often "sail away" by Enyas Orinoco flow. For me, this song by Styx, let me sail away, looking forward to the horizon, but get tears in my eyes looking back.

  6. My father passed recently & this was his favorite song!!! 07/05/22 forever in my heart your with mom now❤️

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