Chat live cu Sailing Doodles

Chat live cu Sailing Doodles

Vorbim despre călătoria noastră care navighează în jurul lumii! De la Canda până în Thailanda. Vă rugăm să vă abonați la noul nostru canal Flying Doodles Accesați pagina noastră web pentru a deveni un patron! Donați prin Paypal pentru a ne ajuta să obținem o nouă dronă: Alăturați-vă nouă pe barca! Facebook: urmăriți instagramele noastre: Sailing Doodles Laura http://www.instagram .com/fmllaura #sailing #live #sailingvlog live chat la vagabonde delos documentary


25 thoughts on “Chat live cu Sailing Doodles

  1. Love the live update! Don't worry, most people are smart enough to figure out the timeline Bobby. You'll only hear from the people who "don't get it" and that seems pretty standard for YouTube really. They're always the loudest. 🙂 Hey, love the Flying Doodles. Also, I would love to have Laura film a day-in-the-life from Guam or a weekly update or something. Just using a phone with good lighting and a quiet location will be great!

  2. After watching your channel and many other sailing vlogs i decided to get my skippers license! So i booked my course and guess what boat I'll be learning on??? Yours! I'm learning from mike at Thailand gulf charters! Had no idea you did a collab with them but it was quite the surprise to see your boat in the marina today

  3. Love the channel! The first time I flew in a small plane was a couple of years ago, my dad's neighbor has a Piper Cub. He took me up for a short flight and it was really fun up until the landing. Right before he landed he turned the plane about 45 degrees to break speed. He didn't warn me before this so it freaked me out, I thought I was dying lol. Not to long after, my dad bought a 1969 Cessna 172. His first flight as a licensed pilot, he had a prop hit with a buzzard. He had to have the engine and prop gone through, but it's back up and flying now. He recently bought a 210 Cessna, I can't wait to go up in that one. Maybe one day I will start learning to fly. Again, love the channel, great content!

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