Cursa mortală de iahturi de la Sydney la Hobart (1998) | Patru colțuri

Cursa mortală de iahturi de la Sydney la Hobart (1998) |  Patru colțuri

Pentru a marca cea de-a 20-a aniversare a cursei de iahturi de la Sydney la Hobart din 1998, Four Corners a dezgropat acest episod de arhivă care investighează ce s-a întâmplat în acel eveniment fatidic. Șase marinari au murit și cinci bărci au fost pierdute când o furtună teribilă a lovit strâmtoarea Bass în timpul cursei de iahturi de la Sydney la Hobart din 1998. Privește înapoi la această investigație a lui Debbie Whitmont pentru Four Corners, care reia evenimentele oribile care s-au desfășurat de ce a fost atât de neașteptat. Pentru mai multe de la ABC News, faceți clic aici: Abonați-vă la noi pe YouTube: Pentru ultimele știri, abonați-vă la @ABC Știri (Australia) Ne puteți da like și pe Facebook: Sau urmăriți-ne pe Instagram: Sau chiar și pe Twitter: /abcnews


29 thoughts on “Cursa mortală de iahturi de la Sydney la Hobart (1998) | Patru colțuri

  1. It seemed unconscionable that other competitors ignored the mayday distress calls of their fellow yachtsmen or that the mayday calls were ignored or arbitrarily downgraded and people died as a result, or that the contest was held at all considering the weather warning and (deliberate?) misleading forecasts…until I read that it costs many millions in "launch costs" per vessel and that tens of millions in "PR exposure" were at stake for winners. So people lose all humanity when money is at stake. Make sense now. Yech.

  2. Everyone has just as much trouble as you and you don't just get helicoptered out. Save yourself until your in a life raft than you rate higher attention.

  3. The yatching club tried to wash their hands of their responsibility. Nascar & Indy cancel races or restrict them if it rains or if there's excessive crashes. The race disorganizers just blamed the skippers for the safety of their boats. They just chuckled when asked who makes the decision to halt the race 25:08. Us worried, nah, this event will increase the interest in the race.

  4. I had read about mariners in the old days let small drops whale-oil glide down the side of the hull where the waves was coming from. The oil would made the wave go under the boat – instead of breaking on top of the boat/yacht.
    I think it has something to do with friction and oil will always be on top of any water surface.

  5. the Australian weather bureau got of very easy here been listening to there forecasts since the 1950s neve have i heard them forecast winds stronger than 55 knots makes no difference if a category 5 cyclone was sitting over Sydney the wind would only ever be 55 knots.

  6. Bunch of arrogant yachts men create a bumbling disaster.
    “Whose to blame?”
    Arrogant yachtsman: “it’s the weather folks”
    “You mean the ones that predicted the weather,and you chose to ignore?”
    Arrogant richo: “yeah them, they’re to blame”

    Uff you wonder why majority of normal people can’t stand rich elites, even when they wrong they can never accept blame and always have to pass the buck.

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