Barcă cu pânze DIY/Îmbunătățirea casei partea 8 – Sailing Embla Ep 51

Barcă cu pânze DIY/Îmbunătățirea casei partea 8 - Sailing Embla Ep 51

Îmbunătățirea ambarcațiunii și a condițiilor de viață la bordul Embla. În sfârșit, e timpul ca Embla să facă o curățare bună în timp ce o ridicăm pe greu. Lucrările continuă să îmbunătățească atât confortul, cât și caracterul practic la bordul acestei barci cu pânze Allegro 33, construit în Suedia. Alăturați-vă echipajului Embla pentru o excursie distractivă, rapidă și inspirată pe banda pentru bărci DIY Îmbunătățirea ambarcațiunii.


18 thoughts on “Barcă cu pânze DIY/Îmbunătățirea casei partea 8 – Sailing Embla Ep 51

  1. Getting the boat up on the hard was indeed worth it. Now she glides through the water like a knife through butter, well maybe not..he he. I know that math dosent ad up, it's supposed to be 981 years.. cheers!

  2. Embla's got a sexy bottom….. You better get Elisabeth to design the new galley, women always have different views on what a kitchen should look like, guys are way to practical when it comes to things like that. Ditch the iPhone and get a Nokia! I hope you all have a great week.

  3. just one thing,,, being in the north east of scotland i appreciate how cold it is over there,, but yes it will soon be spring ( days getting longer already !! ) ,, and looking very comfortable with your lady and the dog on board, that helps, oh and the boat is looking great inside ,,,, mm was that three things,, well whatever .. all best R

  4. Hi there Terje, Elizabeth and Shabby, Looks like all is well there ( I hope so) except for the cold. It's a little chilly here as well.
    Great job on the boat bottom !
    I hope you are saving some time for sailing this spring, with all the work you have lined up, lol. I feel like you will 😀
    You guys take care and greetings from Galveston Texas ! Great video !

  5. Hi Terje,
    Is there some layers of epoxi on the hull? I spent so much timme to paint epoxi at my boat last spring. Just to protect the hull from the water.

  6. Hey terje…… Love the boots 😀 was thinking……. Why don't you put an X On the end of Elba would be suuppper fast 😂😂
    Love your humor from the UK

  7. Did you say 2 years in the water? Bottom didn’t look that bad but I’m glad the pressure washing sorted out your problem. The pup looks content on the boat. 😁

  8. When you said you need to get a new phone i thought Elisabeth was going to say "Terje you are so high maintenance ". If you do get a Android i hope you have better luck with it. Stay warm and hello Shabby!

  9. great videos !!! love the way you tell the things you do … I'm from a small place in NW of Spain, Muros. Quite a lot of people from your part of the world are passing sailing and stopping here. Fair winds …. Jesús

  10. Love your videos. I am from USA but sailed our boat to Sweden last summer. She is on the hard near Stockholm. Hope to end up near Oslo this summer and winter at the Wector yard. Then do west coast Norway the following summer. Hope to see you!

  11. Your budget has been stuck on 33% for a few videos now. Have you been spending more on the boat work? I hope you use some of it to treat Elizabeth right. She really stepped up to the plate to help you out. Sanding, painting, cleaning and letting you use HER dinghy and all.

    Glad you're back in action with a clean bottom and working engine. Cheers!

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