Cum m-am pensionat la 36 de ani și am petrecut 20 de ani navigând (FOC, Minimalism și când „destul” este suficient)

Cum m-am pensionat la 36 de ani și am petrecut 20 de ani navigând (FOC, Minimalism și când „destul” este suficient)

M-am pensionat tânăr pentru a trăi o viață de călătorie și aventură. Cred că celor care caută pensionare anticipată sau incendiu (independența financiară se pensionează anticipat) ar dori să audă de la cineva care trăiește astfel de 30 de ani. Deoarece această întrebare este pusă mult în comentarii: conduc un Mercedes s500 (w220) din 2001, ultimul model cu adevărat grozav. Emily conduce un Porsche 944 din 1985.5, o mașină mai veche decât ea. Ambele sunt în prezent de vânzare în Florida, deoarece suntem în afara țării de cele mai multe ori navigând. VIDEO DE URMAR: SONDAJ dacă sunteți interesat să organizați sau să vă alăturați unei comunități „Destul este suficient” din zona dumneavoastră, vă rugăm să completați acest formular pentru a vă putea ține la curent: https:// Mulți oameni s-au înscris deja, iar noi păstrăm o hartă și o actualizăm în mod regulat (doar cu prenume și orașe), aici. Completați chestionarul pentru a fi adăugat pe hartă: #9jH3zd8hSiHTgDH8&ll=6.081665991222115%2C-15.08085402 #9165991222115%2C-15.08085402 #91612111540481221115 pensionare – – Vă rugăm să vă abonați! Urmărește aventura lui Emily & Clark: Facebook și Instagram: @emilyandclark Patreon: PayPal:


42 thoughts on “Cum m-am pensionat la 36 de ani și am petrecut 20 de ani navigând (FOC, Minimalism și când „destul” este suficient)

  1. There seems to be a balance of naysayers and “agree-ers” (if that’s even a word) here.

    To ones that agree with this guy or at least agree with most of what he’s saying, you will be very successful at one point or another in your lives. You take what you hear and try to see how to make it work for your situation.

    To the naysayers, my advice – stop assuming anything, accept your don’t know anything, take what you hear and do your research. There is no more excuse for not reaching your dreams. Take responsibility for your own future. Stop blaming others, society, the government, your bad job, etc. I’ve heard all those excuses. Nothing irks me more than hearing people blame everything and everyone around them but fail to take responsibility for themselves. Educate yourself. Almost everyone on this planet have internet access. Use it wisely. LEARN, LEARN and LEARN some more. I don’t mean “degree” type learning. Learn practical things. Learn about money. There are millions of blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, websites, books, audiobooks talking about money. Just LEARN.

    What this guy is saying is so simple but you have to find your own way. Get help if you need it. Ask people. Comment on here. Just do something.

    This can be done in just a few years, no matter your income level. We all have choices to make. Choose yourself and you will be very successful.

  2. Live your best life is the best advice. Live life of passion. Really good advice on living. I do not agree with. "Minimalist as a mindset". I like to think in possibilities and Oppertunities.The thought of going to the negative boggles my mind. This is great advice to live a fulfilled life.

  3. Good philosophy: Like you I worked in consulting, lived well below my means, and saved a "boat" load of money. Invested it wisely. Once I had "enough" I knew that working in my field – even though i liked it very much – was not perhaps as fun as all the other things that i could do. It took me a good year to get used to it but after that I learned many other fun things to do – including sailing. You advice is sound. Live below your means, save and invest, and know that beyond a point, more money is not better. Good advice to make sure that whatever you do its something that builds or makes things because people will pay you for those skills (mine was software engineering).

  4. Great advice Clark. Like I always say, it's not how much you make, but how much you keep. Although, it came to me late in life, emotional skirt chasing immaturity, hard times eventually set me straight. So I know that you're right. Enough, on the other hand, has been and is natural to me

  5. I think the idea is ok but many people do not have skills that can be done remote. Or dont have the means to handle 25 years without income.
    However the idea could work for a period of ones life. Like say 5 years.

  6. I just did this one simple thing, I was a tech engineer during the dot com boom. that's right, I just reached into life's cookie jar and pulled out a winning ticket. Its just. that. simple.

  7. When I was 16, a friend asked how many kids I wanted. I said 10.
    When I met my wife, I told her I wanted 10 kids. She was doubtful whether she could ever have any.
    We have 9.
    We've always lived "minimally" in our large family, but the minimum space to transport 11 people is still a BIG van or 2 vehicles. We've lived in as small a space as 30' bumper pull trailer, numerous hotel rooms, and a "1" bedroom mobile home. My work required me to move every year or two so buying a house was out of the question.
    I was able to buy a house in 2020 to not move around so much. It's a fixer-upper and will be paid off in 2025.
    My oldest 3 kids are grown and gone. Only 6 left. By the time the house is paid for, we'll be down to only 4 left.
    Living 500+ miles from any large body of water, I've been postponing the sailing dream.
    As the family shrinks, the expenses go down and it all becomes within reach.
    While you talked a bit about making money and saving money, how are you actually saving / investing it?
    Most "investment" account I find require $10k up front. Banks have nickel and dimed me to DEATH.
    Stock are no better than gambling.

  8. I wish someone had told me something like this 30 years ago! I'm not sure if I would have acted on it or had the confidence to do it but still, I wish I had been exposed to this kind of thinking. Thanks for great video.

  9. At 53 I think I have enough. The transition is a bit nerve wracking BUT I have to trust my instincts. They have gotten me this far in life. You don't have to be a tech person to do this. I have been a carpenter most of my life. Devoting many hours to the improvement of my craft. While Carpenters don't make crazy amounts of money, we do develop skills that we can use to create wealth. I was able to buy a couple of run down houses and slowly fix them up over the years. Now as rentals they provide a relatively stable passive income. There are many ways to to do this. Find yours and stick to it.

  10. I’ve always been a saver and it’s hard to turn the switch off to spender..I, like so many, am fearful of outliving my savings..I realize it’s all about your mindset..My portfolio sucked big time in this year’s market..But I’ve decided to keep invested till I reach where I was, then go for more stability at 5% growth and live on 3%..I don’t believe the 4% rule applies anymore..I like this video of Enough..I go to it occasionally…

  11. I saved $6000 by the time I was 16 to pay for my first car and paid off my house by the time I was 35. I still save but my spouse spends so I plan on retiring 5 years earlier than him! Lol. Hopefully I find someone to travel with. lol

  12. This is exactly how i perceive life. I never cared about money. I care about memories an experiences. Hearing you reiterate my own thoughts knowing you've done this for 2 decades reinsured me that I'm on the right path. After 2 years of studying boat life, living like rats, saving all our money we finally bought our first boat last week. I'm 36 and even though we have a lot to learn were finally on the path. Best videos keep it up

  13. What I learned living on a boa in cold country: you only have 30 amps of shore power and six gallons of hot water, use them wisely. When you get a new pair of shoes get rid of the old ones. NEVER leave the dock with a broke boat. That is all….

  14. I immigrated to USA when I was 24. I grew up in a 3rd world country and money was tight. When I came here and my first paycheck hit, I felt like a millionaire. I spent most of it on a brand new sports car, video games etc… years later I felt the pressure of living paycheck to paycheck. So I did a soul searching and read about minimalism, stoicism, and the fire movement. Since 2018, I traded my car for a used prius, became debt free after a year and able to build a net worth of almost 200g and we just bought our house. Minimalism+fire+stoicism can liberate you from being paycheck to paycheck.

  15. My late wife helped me understand that it was what you could live without that made one content. Make what you can, save all that you can and always wait before you buy anything that may be even a small extravagance. How many pairs of shoes did Ghandi need? And does having a different shirt for every day make you wise?

  16. The most important thing you can do to teach a child to value love and experiences over stuff is to NOT celebrate their birthdays by giving them stuff. Gifts should be handmade treasures that they see you making, gifts should be wonderful long hugs from grandma, gifts should be enjoying aunt Nellie’s wonderful empanadas with their family. Experiences should be giving their time to serve God, by mowing the elderly neighbor’s lawn, by making wonderful sloppy joes for the people in the homeless camp, by bringing outgrown clothes to the shelter for women and children. Experiences shouldn’t be demonstrations of opulence, like space camp or other such nonsense. What we’re doing is parents is programming their brain chemistry to release serotonin at the proper moments as a reward for doing good.

  17. Only the rich and poor cannot retire , the poor financial is pay to pay cheque and the rich if they want to retire without any financial support , what i mean his money don't make money for him , they must down size to halve or lower dependence on his how long his money can live live longer than him , what happened if you can live more than 95 years old and your money and your house can't , where are you going to live or survive without money , it is not about WHEN can you retire , it about HOW can you retire , those like David letterman he can retire because his money can live longer than him , Michael Jordan he is the only black that can retire without doing anything because he is getting money from Nike , Christiano Ronaldo cannot retire without working or without his money making money for him because of his life style 😂🤣😅😜🤪😛😋😝

  18. The other thing is, don't make a commitment to anyone who is not willing to commit to your dream, and who doesn't share it. Likewise, you only have a relationship with someone that you can honestly do the same. A relationship between two people with two different dreams is probably not going to end up with two happy people. I have lost count of the people I knew who had the dream to travel on their boat, but can't because the person they married, never really wanted to do that.

  19. Interesting story – good to hear about your journey. OS/2 – I remember it well! We used that early on in my career until we replaced it with Windows for Workgroups.

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