EP 6 SAILING IN TASMANIA – St Helens Treacherous Entry

EP 6 SAILING IN TASMANIA - St Helens Treacherous Entry

IMPI navighează în lume (acum 7 ani cu normă întreagă) – iar în această serie navigăm în Tasmania – situat în anii 40. St Helens este un oraș mic și pitoresc, dar a ajunge acolo cu barca poate fi perfid. Un număr de bărci s-au îndurerat aici, dar autoritatea locală VMR (Volunteer Marine Rescue) oferă o mână de ajutor sub forma unei „ambarcațiuni după mine”. Bineînțeles, acest lucru începe cu un mesaj radio care spune că nu își asumă nicio responsabilitate, ceea ce este suficient de corect, dar auzind toate poveștile cu liliecii care își văd ultimele zile aici îl face pe cineva să „stea drept”. Ne place să interacționăm cu prietenii noștri din rețelele sociale și împărtășim câteva momente cu australienii locali pe care i-am întâlnit prin intermediul rețelelor sociale. Bineînțeles, toate acestea merg mult în ceea ce privește crearea de rețele și se poate distra mult. Acoperim câteva aspecte ale vremii cu care ne confruntăm și cum privim vremea pentru a planifica o trecere în siguranță. Folosim tehnologia prin satelit, astfel încât să înțelegem întinderea terenului dacă ceva ar merge prost.. un plan de rezervă este întotdeauna grozav de a avea. De asemenea, vreau să mulțumesc muzicienilor minunați care ne-au permis să folosim muzica lor „mișto” – vă mulțumesc băieți… link-uri de urmat mai jos. Norman și Pip sunt marinari australieni care au navigat mult în sus și în jos pe coasta Australiei și au o înțelegere excelentă a traversărilor de baruri – împărtășim un videoclip în care Norm spune că „a fost prins” de niște umflături bruște. Urmăriți canalul YouTube Norman and Pips (Dawn) aici: https://www.youtube.com/user/normandawn1 CREDITE MUZICALE: 0:17 Orașul natal de pe continent 8:49 Tocmai început de WILD 11:35 Higher By My Key Music 14 :49 Higher By My Key Music 20:17 The Sea By PACE WILD: https://www.facebook.com/wildthebandUS/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UColL… https://soundcloud. com/wild MAINLAND: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPOU_UayyannbT-Rl_auONQ https://www.facebook.com/MainlandBand/ https://soundcloud.com/mainlandnyc MUZICA MEA CHEIE: https://www. .youtube.com/channel/UC4DJUrbxtqdEAWBkBi4XPEA https://www.facebook.com/MyKeyMusic/ https://www.instagram.com/mykey.the.artist/ PACE: https://www.facebook.com/pacemelodies/ https://www.instagram.com/pacemelodies/ https://www.pacemelodies.com https://soundcloud.com/pacemelodies https://open.spotify.com/artist/506TwvF8cJptyuZVndJXOY https://soundcloud.com /pacemelodies BUNĂSTARE ANIMALE: GoFundMe Link pentru bunăstarea animalelor: https://www.gofundme.com/sailing-with… DOWN UNDER RALLY: Pentru marinarii care navighează între Australia, Noua Caledonie, Vanuatu și Fiji – prin aderarea la Down Under Rally nu numai că veți avea beneficiile oferite de John și leanne Hembrow, dar ei vor dona și o parte din taxă programului nostru de bunăstare a animalelor – fondurile mergând direct către medicul veterinar responsabil. Link Down Under Rally: https://www.downunderrally.com/animal… #multihull #multihullsailing #sailingvideos


41 thoughts on “EP 6 SAILING IN TASMANIA – St Helens Treacherous Entry

  1. Oh Brent, you do now how to edit a great video! Of course having all of those scantily clad young nubile lustoids really kept my attention ! So many social media friends during your travels must make you know how much your postings affect so many people in a grand way. Your reference to Norm & Pip was great too because I have been following them(and recently Bev) for quite some time. What a great service those Rescue boats give to the boaters arriving and departing. Too bad about the fisherman who didn't heed their advice and lost their boat! It could have been so much worse and they should get down on their knee's every day and thank God for their being saved! OK so much for the sermon.Love your site and always look forward to traveling along with you all.

  2. really interesting sights and sounds Brent and so very welcome as here in Manchester it's cold, dark and snowy, mind you it's -28C in Chicago today – a Polar Vortex ! as ever the very best to you, Ana and your two lovely children

  3. Hi guys , great videos , we are based in Paynesville on Lake King , on your way back north , if you have a chance come and explore the Gippsland Lakes , love to show you around

  4. I love your opening sequence of Impi going like a freight train while Ana's having a lie down in latitudes most cruising sailors never visit. Impi is magnificent and a credit to the care you and Ana obviously give her. Life is not fair with our children either as they grow up and we have to let them go. I'm sorry I can't remember your daughters name but the cruising life style agrees with her and I'm sure she be back for many visits. Lovely boat and family. I heard a saying recently that said the more holes your nets have the better the condition they are in. Fair sailing and may your nets be full of holes.

  5. Hi Guys, great video as you said it would be. I was a bit lost when I saw you going into ST Helens or about to then I saw you on some back waters with all those people jumping into the waters and seeing big skyscrapers in the background thinking this is NOT ST Helens ……. Thinking it may be up the east coast of Australia say Brisbane somewhere. Great information about St Helens bar and how to get help to cross it.

  6. Man, your insightfulness is bar-none! I’ve got to tell you that I truly love your videos and the knowledge that you impart. Thank you very much for sharing both knowledge and the beauty of the places in which you guys travel to.

  7. Another great video. Made even better by great music. Right now in Chicago, our home town, -24C with a wind chill factor of -36. Yes, minus! In Manhattan Beach,CA, where we are for a couple months, 56C going up to about 70 today. So,, watching your adventure takes us across the world to be able to share your good times, appreciate Southern Hemisphere bikinis, listen to good music and remain thankful we are in good hands and good weather. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Stellar video Brent! Lots of good info, and you always manage to put a big smile on our faces 🙂 Thank you! Looks like Impi was having a really great time, so great I'm thinking saying good bye to Australia in a few months will be quite difficult, but it certainly looks like many good memories were made!

  9. Outstanding video material, somehow just that much better that it stands out, the ocean that moves around Impi is thrilling and alive, I have not seen in any of the other blogs portray the fury and power of the ocean so believably as you guys do, you bring it as if one is there to experience it on the spot, my only critique would be that one hear to little from you guys but then again it up to you guy how much you want to share. Thank-you again for epic stuff and I cant wait for the next episode of the fearless SA crew battling the Oceans of the world, with affection from Oudtshoorn in the good old Karoo.

  10. Hi Brent and Ana , I think it would be fun to put together a Utube fantasy sailing crew on an expedition sailing vessel. Brent you would be my choice as skipper with perhaps Brian from (Delos) as your 1st officer. Would be fun to give all the other Utubers positions on the vessel ha ha. What job would Ana like! I wonder??

  11. Brent and Anna again sharing the journey through life with all us mere mortals, thank yo❤️ 🇦🇺🇦🇺🍻🙏
    Always insightful, entertaining and lustfully thrilling.
    One can only imagine the many many hours your ploughing into producing such a fine viewing product!
    Now it’s clear why you’re so caffeinated ☕️🐞 😉 nice sneaky advertising for the Bug Man 👍🏼❤️ thanks.

  12. I know I've told you this before but I really appreciate the advanced weather routing info you provide, and I also really liked the tips in text at the end with taking a catamaran through waves like that. Really useful information. Thank you!

  13. Thanks for another wonderful video Impi! Everything is perfect, the images are breathtaking, the music is really nice and the bar crossing shakes things up just so. Fair winds!

  14. Watched this video again . At the end what is the name of the huge blue , white & red sail ? Was there another blond gal on board w/you besides your wife Ana ?

  15. Thanks for sharing guys – I really enjoy the technical aspects of sailing that you share. I think you have the most rounded vids out there. And the music is cool too !! (From someone who used to live in St Helens UK – just east of Liverpool – I think your one beats it!). Cheers and be safe! Phil

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