Iaht clasic uimitor de andocare între 2 iahturi de lux (Vlogul căpitanului 86)
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Un frumos iaht cu vele din 1928 manevre în jurul Yacht-ului cu motor AWOL. Vă rugăm să votați pentru AWOL – Cel mai bun iaht charter 2019 – faceți clic pe link: https://acrew.com/award-category/?comp=20792&cat=5c643540e85be Căpitanul Tristan Mortlock este un Super Yacht Captain premiat cu peste 15 ani de experiență. Și-a început cariera de yachting în adolescență și acum conduce unul dintre cele mai de succes iahturi charter din lume. Tristan lucrează în prezent pe Motor Yacht AWOL, un San Lorenzo SD122, construit în 2009. AWOL este un iaht premiat cu mai multe premii, iar echipajul ei este foarte mândru de munca lor. Captain’s Vlog este despre educarea părților interesate cu privire la ceea ce se întâmplă la bordul unui Mega Yacht, un Super Yacht și al industriei de yachting. Pentru a împărtăși viața echipajului de iaht și viața pe mare. Șantierul naval BIG reamenajează, lucrări de vopsire și lucrări de inginerie navală. Pentru a călători în unele dintre cele mai frumoase destinații din lume. Primul proprietar al Super Yacht AWOL a fost nimeni altul decât însuși domnul Piero Ferrari. Timonerie încă mai conține scaunul căpitanului original cu emblema Ferrari. https://shop.spreadshirt.com/super-yacht-captain/ https://www.facebook.com/superyachtcaptain123/?ref=your_pages https://www.instagram.com/superyachtcaptain1/


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  1. That is fucking amazing! My family owns a small marina on a lake. For some reason, I want to live on a boat, not a Super Yachat. Watching this gives be a much better idea what the ocean, docking, and all the other stuff involved in owning a boat. My 19-foot cuddy cabin that I dock like a champ is nothing! ❤️

  2. I heard you talking about the radios in a different vlog and that you’re all on the same channel why is it that you’re all on the same channel and the deck department and the Internet department are not on different channels??

  3. I'll certainly go along with the fact that CAMBRIA is a lovely yacht, and a beautiful example of Fife's work, but I didn't see anything that would come close to "epic boat handling." Bow thrusters, tenders to push the bow around, fenders all over the place, plenty of room, and no wind (or crosswind) to speak of. Say what?

  4. Can't see her name, but believe it is Cambria. William Fife III at his very best, and one of the absolutely most beautiful sailing vessels in the world. She's a race boat of the Bigboat Class, which was the forerunner of the J-Class, and she have about the same size and proportions as such, but IMHO a lot more beautiful with her bowsprit cutter rig, and not least all her stunning woodwork (which is hidden under the protective canvas in the video, as she is likely under transportation).

    With almost 800 sq-metres of sail on only one mast, she's some of a handfull too! 😉

  5. That sailing yacht has all the hall marks of a J-Class boat. Since it was built in 1928 it may still be a 23mR design later converted to compete under J-class rules. Twin engines does make manoeuvering easier, though. And the the "bad breath" dinosaur burps of the Azimut thrusters are a hoot!

  6. Are you sure that yacht had twin engines? That vintage (even today) it is unusual to have more than 1 engine. Maneuvering with just prop wash and rudder is more difficult than it looks. That captain is sure good!

  7. Not into super yachts (don't get me wrong it would be great to be able to afford one!) and only clicked on the link because of the gorgeous wooden boat. But just wanted to say it's nice to know that even captains of these huge modern vessels appreciate the beauty, and indeed the skill of the crew, of these true works of art. A nice perspective too.

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