Lagoon 46, navigând Franța către Croația

Lagoon 46, navigând Franța către Croația

Catamaran Sailing Lagoon 46 din Les Sables (Franța) către Croația. 30 de zile si 2600 Nm. Traversând Golful Biscaya spre Gibraltar și apoi traversând Marea Mediterană până în Croația. Cum să navighezi și să trăiești la bordul unui catamaran cu vele. ABONAȚI-VĂ la canalul meu: Canalul meu YouTube în aer liber /skipper_igor/


23 thoughts on “Lagoon 46, navigând Franța către Croația

  1. in those high winds and seas … are you just motoring, or motor sailing with the main reefed? I noticed your jib was down completely.

  2. Thank you Igor for all this realistic and interesting information… and the nice cooking videos 😉
    May I ask, which one of the cruising cats is your favorite?

  3. Your content very unusual, but interesting. It would not hurt to increase views to bring videos at YouTube recommendation, i know g e t 4 v i e w s or yt ads for that

  4. Brilliant video full of useful information and unbiased commentary on the boat itself the sailing tips and also enjoyed the cooking sections haha . Must admit I wasn’t impressed with the creaking and groaning noises from the boat , very noisy . Was it a brand new boat ?

  5. Igor's channel is by far my favorite sailing channel. 🙏🏽 Hopefully one day I get to meet you Igor, thanks a million for your documentation and knowledge.

  6. Great vlog , best I’ve seen in a long time
    Ps who,else thought that that ‘curtain’ hanging down by the gas hob when he was cooking the steaks was a disaster waiting to happen !

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