În interiorul superyacht-ului Tesla de 700 de milioane de dolari

În interiorul superyacht-ului Tesla de 700 de milioane de dolari

Tesla a preluat piața vehiculelor electrice, așa că ce urmează pentru producătorul de vehicule electrice? Arta conceptuală a unui superyacht Tesla îi face pe oameni foarte entuziasmați. Conceptul de superyacht Tesla Model Y este cu adevărat extraordinar, iar Elon Musk ar putea transforma proiectul în realitate. Un superyacht Tesla ar costa aproximativ 700 de milioane de dolari și ar avea un panou solar și un sistem de turbine hidroelectrice. Aceasta înseamnă că bateria navei s-ar putea încărca chiar și atunci când nava este andocată sau în larg. Iahtul Tesla Model Y are două punți. Puntea superioară constă dintr-o zonă de living cu concept deschis, cu un bar modern și elegant și scaune patentate realizate din material extensibil. Nivelul inferior al iahtului Model Y este la fel de impresionant ca și nivelul superior. În interiorul iahtului, veți găsi o altă zonă de living cu concept deschis, cu mese inovatoare. Aceste mese au scaune ascunse în interiorul lor, care pot ieși prin simpla apăsare a unui buton. Pe partea tribord a punții inferioare, veți găsi o cameră spa cu mese de masaj. Mergeți spre babord a punții inferioare și veți găsi o zonă de relaxare confortabilă și o fereastră panoramică mare. În partea din față a navei, veți găsi o platformă ridicată la îndemână, care îi permite căpitanului și pasagerilor să știe cât de multă viață a mai rămas a bateriei. Dacă încărcarea scade, căpitanul trebuie doar să pornească turbina. Cealaltă opțiune este să vă relaxați pe punte și să lăsați panoul solar să facă toată treaba. Nu am fi șocați dacă nava ajunge să depășească viteze de 70 de noduri pentru a deveni cel mai rapid iaht din lume. Iată o privire asupra superyacht-ului Tesla Model Y. Abonați-vă pentru mai multe videoclipuri uimitoare! ► http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Richest ◄ Pentru probleme legate de drepturile de autor, vă rugăm să ne contactați la: legal@valnetinc.com CAPITOLULE: 00:00 Introducere 00:41 Tesla Superyacht 02:15 Pornit 03:16 Facilități de lux 04 :17 Sub punte


36 thoughts on “În interiorul superyacht-ului Tesla de 700 de milioane de dolari

  1. This video is hard to watch, please have anyone with a basic grasp of thermodynamics review your stuff please, its so so so so painful to watch

    That solar panel wouldn't power a small car.
    Using turbines when batteries are low makes no sense on this boat, its self propelled so turbines would waste more energy.
    The weight of batteries would be huge to accommodate the massive energy needs of this superyacht design and in doing some rough math using super ball park but generous numbers in favor of the boat actually floating, I believe it would sink if it had the batteries on board needed to fully power this and that isn't even accounting for the energy needs of a boat traveling 70 knots, just a comfortable speed as thats less demanding.

    to make this boat actually make some sense.
    You paid 700mil so you also would have a full crew on board so make it a sailboat and suddenly a lot of this starts to work, turbines could help charge batteries, solar panels (notice that was plural and not singular) could help as well, and you could charge up the rest of your needs while docked and suddenly you're using a lot less energy and don't need such a massive amount of batteries to propel the thing.

    A basic understanding of thermodynamics and this boat suddenly makes no sense, thats all, a high school level grasp.

  2. What happens when a dude who knows nothing about motoryachts makes a video about another dude who knows nothing about motoryachts designing a futuristic superyacht gimmick

  3. Always best to properly Research your subject first. The ‘Designer’ of this projected yacht clearly has absolutely no experience of naval architecture…there is absolutely no way his design could ever pass the the MSA or USCG safety regs, international col regs or be in anyway safe or practical to go to sea in.. It is a fantasy, and hopefully will remain one!

  4. How can hydroelectric generators charge the yacht from motion while making it move at 70 kt?
    Also the amount of energy from solar cells will not be enough to move the boat at any decent speed and run all onboard systems.

  5. To the surprise of many, Musk revealed that he doesn't own a yacht or home and neither does he take vacations. However, the 50-year-old mentioned that his biggest consumption is his private jet and that if he doesn't use it then he would be left with fewer working hours.

  6. I am completely surprise with tesla doing a => ME TOO , FLIPP'n YACHT <= .. ME TOO , ME TOO , ME TOO .. What a bunch of LOW Foreheads ! .. Imagine if you had a real mind & it could actually think like a Tesla not some chick pea brained Musk ! ..

    If i were to design a Yacht it will be with a solar sail .. The sail would be a fabric that was flexible yet could withstand salt & still produce so much energy that it even travel during the night .. No need for the sun to shine so your are sailing non stop around the world .. The reason why people go with petrol driven Yachts is because the can travel 24/7 .. This is another weak attempted at a ME TOO B.S. HUNK A JUNK .. But what has really impressed me is the level of STUPIDITY OF THOSE WHO WILL UNDOUBTEDLY BUY THOSE HUNKS OF JUNK ..

    MUSK , Isn't that a sent where a male animal spreads an awful scent when its in heat .. MUSK YOU ME TOO HUNK A JUNK ISN'T INNOVATIVE .. I can tell you how to build a sail that will do what you need it to do .. The covering of the sail uses a polymer that is very rare that has a large number of graphene in it .. More than this I am not prepared to say .. Suffice it to say , this material is already in use ..

    Musk , if you were a real scientist you would Seek out David Adair who has already created micro miniature fusion reactors .. I would much rather see a fusion powered boat that fly's ..

  7. If he had used this money for something more useful it would have been much better, like planting trees or building ships to collect plastic in the oceans … but billionaires love luxury, that's how they are … maybe I'm the one who can't. understand the need for these mega jackts ….😕

  8. Much much less maintenance cost and highest performance with luxurious interior design is the major advantage of Tesla Mega Yacht Model Y. I'd like to have it if it's possible for traveling the world.

  9. The problem with boats and electricity, especially in smaller boats, is realiability. When you are in the open ocean it is easy to rely on that a diesel engine with low rpm is not going to fail, and if it fails it is possible to fix it, but if an electric motor fails dozens of miles away from land and you cant get a signal on your phone, then you are in big trouble. My family has a smaller boat and the most important thing I have learned is to never rely on electrical things while on the ocean. Of course we should develop electric boats, but at this time I would not be comfortable if I went boating on an electrc boat

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