REVENIM cu VESTI MARE și VELIZARE GRATUITĂ! (Sailing Satori) (Sailing Tampa Bay)

REVENIM cu VESTI MARE și VELIZARE GRATUITĂ!  (Sailing Satori) (Sailing Tampa Bay)

Nick și Kelly discută ce au făcut de când Covid-ul fierbinte și de ce nu au produs videoclipuri. Ei discută despre marile lor planuri pentru viitor și despre cum spectatorii pot naviga cu ei GRATUIT! Intră în giveaway gratuit de navigație – vizitează site-ul nostru: *Desenele vor avea loc în fiecare luni în aprilie, ora 20:00 EST. Asigurați-vă că vă abonați și să activați notificările (faceți clic pe clopoțel) pentru a primi notificări atunci când lansăm live pentru extragere.


38 thoughts on “REVENIM cu VESTI MARE și VELIZARE GRATUITĂ! (Sailing Satori) (Sailing Tampa Bay)

  1. Happy to see you pop up on the net. Interesting that you are in St Pete. Both parents born and raised there. My dad was the first ever Commodore of the Gulf Port Yacht Club. I have a silver sailboat racing trophy on my FP mantel. The Chris Hadley Trophy won in 1941; the month is not inscribed. My dad was 20 years old when he was awarded that trophy. A few years later he was flying B-24s in the Pacific Theater. Shot down three times and survived the war. Died as Cold Warrior flying a B-47 when I was 12. If you are anywhere near the Gulfport Yacht Club take a look around. Some very young men formed that club before WW 2 and every one of them went off to fight in the war. More than a few did not make it back.

  2. Good move, Florida has a great Governor, keeping our State open and not allowing the Feds to control us. Vaccine passports, no way. We work a lot in St. Pete. Let me know if you need any help with anything.

  3. Guys, great to see you back on line. I kept dropping in, to see 'where you were at' and I need to check out the 'where are you now' video! 🙂 With respect to sailing with you – have you thought about getting qualified as ASA instructors then taking very small classes (like one couple at a time!) for ASA 3 and up? Satori would be ideal for that. At least ASA3 and 4. I think that Satori represents pretty well what most 'cruising couples' are looking for – 40+ feet, center cockpit, sloop rigged. Some might go for cutter, a few for ketch, but I think you have a home run there. Learning from a couple of 'demonstrable pros' like yourselves has some value for any couple thinking about cruising the islands and getting their last ASA courses 'done' for their insurance. Maybe there is a whole new career there! King Arthur's Sailing School of St. Pete's…

  4. Hey that teak work looks amazing! We have a trim just like that that we are tackling this summer, did you (or anyone else) have any links you might be able to recommend to steer us in the right direction for this kind of a project? Most of what I find is how to do teak decks, not just an outer trim. It looks like your pretty experienced with woodworking already though. I've actually just found your channel and watched a few videos now 🙂

  5. Hey! Wondered where ya' all went. Missing my Sir Arthur's, Nick and well… Kelly's a very cool lady and the prettiest lady on the Seven Seas hands down.

  6. Hello Guys. Love the videos! We have a 42' Catalina at Snead Island. The wife and I would enjoy meeting up with you in Tampa Bay sometime. Also Nick I'm a handyman in Sarasota, so if you need a hand on anything in the future give me a shout. Thanks and keep up the great Videos.

  7. Happy you three are doing well, and made it back. Lookin forward to your new vids. Kelly, you my dear, are more gorgeous than ever. and Nick, it never hurts to be happy ! Arthur is cute as ever….love dogs…..Thanks guys.

  8. So glad Arthur and you two are BACK! I hate when these channels go dark. i don't think Youtube channels know how much their followers get attached to them and there site. Glad you're safe, still together and still sailing. We may be in Fla in a few weeks to do the Colgate Sailing School so if we have time, we may let you take us out on your clothing optional cruise! haha.. Lets see who reads this stuff.

    Paul and Linda
    s/v The Friendly Confines

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