De ce nu funcționează pompa de combustibil? | Jurnalele atelierului | Edd China

De ce nu funcționează pompa de combustibil?  |  Jurnalele atelierului |  Edd China

În încercarea mea de a obține Range Rover din 1986 al prietenului meu John, trebuie să aflu de ce pompa de combustibil nu funcționează și să găsesc o soluție. Urmărește toate actualizările Jurnalelor de atelier aici: Bună, sunt Edd și bun venit pe canalul meu! Aici veți găsi clipuri și episoade complete din emisiunea mea Workshop Diaries, produsă cu ajutorul echipei mele de pixies de producție. Asigurați-vă că vă abonați pentru a fi notificat despre încărcările noi. Mulțumiri imense celor dintre voi care au devenit deja „Patreoni”, este genial să vă avem la bord. Pentru cei interesați să se alăture mulțimii noastre fericite, puteți susține emisiunea direct, mergând la: Mulțumesc partenerilor mei de marcă care susțin canalul. Pentru a afla mai multe despre ele, vă rugăm să accesați site-ul nostru web: 🛠 RWC: 🛠 Milwaukee Tools: 🗣 Pentru a pune întrebări lui Edd, trimiteți un e-mail –, vă rugăm să contactați compania dumneavoastră ca partener Dacă compania dvs. are un produs sau un proces interesant sau interesant despre care credeți că publicul ar dori să afle mai multe, vă rugăm să contactați și el! Pentru a pune întrebări lui Edd: Urmărește-mă pe Social Media: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:


45 thoughts on “De ce nu funcționează pompa de combustibil? | Jurnalele atelierului | Edd China

  1. A Mercedes ice cream van…. Here in the states, we are feeling lucky if the local van isnt a 1984 GMC with a 454 that wont make you pass from the exhaust by the time you get your ice cream lol

  2. can I replace the servo on my Honda Jazz with another from a similar car IE a ford Fiesta/Fusion as the Honda breaks are So sensitive n over servo even a 2 MPH stop it can become an emergency stop like hitting a brick wall my age now i will get someone to do the work for me just wanted to know if it be ok? thanks

  3. Have you ever tried using EDM for removing broken bolts or studs? Unlike drilling, it cannot walk around, you just push an electrode down the center of the broken fastener. Have used in the past. Get an electrode just smaller than the minor diameter and then run a tap through to clean out the threads…

  4. This is what Wheeler Dealers always should have been. Also, I know that James May would approve of the 'correct' use of a hammer!

  5. This is real-world mechanics. Filthy undersides, frustrations, frozen nuts & bolts and all.
    So glad to see you back Edd, really enjoying the show!

  6. Edd, it's so great to see you back. Your approach to working on any vehicle and your ability to zig and zag around a problem in order to find a solution is quite remarkable. I can easily see you gaining a huge number of younger viewers too. Parents will recognize that on "Edd China's Workshop Diaries," their children can learn so much even aside from the mechanical wizardry and without any concern about foul language or sexual innuendos.

  7. Something about Edd reminds Me of Sammy Hagar and James May. Would like to see a crossover video with all 3. James could make a sandwich for the tea break. Cut in rectangles, not triangles of course.

  8. Hi Edd

    I know Wheeler Dealers is now a long way down the road for you now.

    But do you have any thoughts on your replacement Ant Anstead you'd like to share?

    Also like to say it great to have you back, keep the good shows coming.

    Ian Walker – Stourbridge.

  9. Thanks Edd. I've been tinkering in the shop for decades and I'd never heard of a re-threading kit or that trick with the standard nut (with a slot). I'm going to use that next time!

  10. Had to change a range rover fuel pump as a roadside repair in Morocco. Fortunately it was an earlier version so the fuel pump was on the chassis rail (NS?) A lot easier than this

  11. Thanks again Edd, from an American Ed, always interesting and fun! As I tinker with cars myself, this is all so interesting! Always exciting to see the show and learn new things!

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