Cea mai mare barcă pentru banii tăi?  Test de iaht Bavaria C38 de către Yachting Monthly
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Concurența este fierbinte pentru crucișătoarele cu volum mare, dar Bavaria a construit o barcă distractiv de navigat, precum și spațioasă și accesibilă? Theo Stocker a luat-o la o tură ca să afle. Pentru recenzia completă, specificațiile și prețurile, consultați www.yachtingmonthly.com/BavariaC38 –- Abonați-vă la canalul de Youtube al Yachting Monthly la: https://www.youtube.com/user/YachtingMonthly/videos Abonați-vă la reviste la: https://www.yachtingmonthly.com/subscriptions/yachting-monthly-subscriptions Citiți mai multe articole de navigație la: https://www.yachtingmonthly.com/ Apreciați pagina noastră de Facebook la: https://www.facebook.com/yachtingmonthlymag / Urmărește-ne pe Twitter la: https://twitter.com/yachtingmonthly Urmărește-ne pe Instagram la: https://www.instagram.com/yachtingmonthlymag/


44 de comentarii la „Cea mai mare barcă pentru banii tăi? Test de iaht Bavaria C38 de către Yachting Monthly

  1. What interests me is how to register a sailboat without an address.

    I mean, if you've been at sea for a year and you've got an address, you still have to pay for the apartment and then there are taxes and other things.

    Again, you no longer have an address (at the municipality of residence and you are deregistered from the state) can you not register a vehicle?


  2. Bavarias are generally solid yachts that do most things well for a good price and this seems no different. In a way they're like Skoda – ridiculed initially in the UK for being cheap and nasty before people using them realised cheaper didn't always mean worse! Their prices have stayed competitive. The equivalent Bavaria 38 in 2003 was £79,500 (Inc.VAT) – I know as I own one. After inflation since 2003 that's equivalent to around £127,000 in 2021 – only a little below the base price for the C38. There's more competition at this price level from Beneteau and other big manufacturers than there was 20yrs ago – in part because they've adopted some of the methods Bavaria used (e.g. preassembled cabinetry) to minimise production time and costs. If your heart is set on a new yacht built in the traditional way expect to pay at least double what these cost (e.g. Halberg-Rassey, Rustler).

  3. Great overall design and nice presentation. She could be improved with: main sheet winches by the helms, In mast furling to avoid need to climb, better sitting on both helms, way more fridges/freezers and backrest for nav station (I have a fairly simple solution). With that addressed, please send the bill (and the boat)!

  4. What a fantastic objective review. It gives you confidence in the good points. Absolutely hate cabin top main sheet systems. You should indeed must be able to sail properly in 40 knots. Rotten mechanical advantage is bad design. Yachts are for sailing. Otherwise buy a power boat. Nevertheless this is a good boat.

  5. I was a bit surprised at the price as in my opinion the boat looked a bit cheap and nasty. It might be okay for a few days charter, but I can't imagine a serious sailor wanting it.

  6. Particle board cabinetry and fiberglass construction for $200,000 and it’s only a 38 ft boat. Typical. The first asshole that sets up a factory in Vietnam building cheap boats and selling them for what they’re actually worth will get all the boat sales. If they sold that boat for $70k they’d sell 10X as many

  7. Excellent review of all the key aspects of this boat – performance, accommodation, options, price, etc. One minor observation: the hinged companionway doors will make it difficult to install sheet bags in the companionway, which then begs the question of where else to locate them (there are plexiglass hatches, rope clutches and winches covering the flat surface area on either side of the companionway, as well). I'm also leery of the mainsheet system and the ability to get adequate leech tension in the main, though sail shape looked pretty good in 10-15 knots. All in all, an attractive and comfortable looking boat. Probably not for me but it will make many buyers happy.

  8. A nice ship. But weak winches here, a really strange main sheet there, ignoring everything since Archimedes… by `offering` such an own goal… Thank you for this test !
    P.S.: Are there enough handrails inside ? Let me guess: There aren`t.

  9. Chart tables will die in the age of electronics. Sure, back ups and all of that, but still, Im a pilot and we have plenty of planes without traditional gauges.

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