Navigați purtând doar un G-string

Navigați purtând doar un G-string

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34 thoughts on “Navigați purtând doar un G-string

  1. I am completely fascinated. fascinated to see this beautiful woman, more beautiful than the revolting beauty of the ocean. Wonderful and sculptural body, as provocative as possible without ever going beyond decorum, an authentic mermaid and muse inspiring poets and protagonist of poetry.😘😘😘

  2. You promised us a video in the last one with the winner-thong. Now we can't see enough of her. Please show us more (not only on patreon). Thanks!

  3. What a vlog, thanks for posting, thank you for sharing. And the kini is a great photo, and I’m 76+ y/o, that gets my heart going, going, zooming. I’m going to subscribe, against my wife and heart doctors advice and the lady gets a HIGH FIVE!

  4. In under developed countries like africa: Men wear loincloth.
    In developed countries like america: Women wears loincloth.

    And this is what they proudly call as empowerment through education.😂

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