O insula foarte indepartata numita Anuta. (AVERTISMENT oarecare NUDITATE)

O insula foarte indepartata numita Anuta.  (AVERTISMENT oarecare NUDITATE)

Susține-l pe Joachim https://paypal.me/vernondeck?locale.x… The Family that Dared este povestea familiei Campe care a vândut tot ce aveau, a construit o barcă și a pornit într-o aventură pe care niciunul dintre ei nu ar fi uitat-o. Acest lucru ar putea suna prea obișnuit, dar familia a făcut-o în 1977! Acesta este al 9-lea din 12 episoade pe care le-a filmat Joachim Campe. Toate au fost filmate pe film de 16 mm și nu au mai fost văzute de când au fost difuzate la TV germană în 1984. Joachim, acum în vârstă de 83 de ani, este foarte aproape de a termina o altă circumnavigare la bordul St Michel, aceeași ambarcațiune pe care a navigat familia în urmă cu patru decenii. Sănătatea lui l-a dezamăgit și în prezent se recuperează în Lombok, Indonezia și ar putea folosi sprijinul dumneavoastră pentru a-l face să navigheze din nou. Enjoi! #Documentar #Learningbydoing #navigație Dacă vă plac videoclipurile mele și apreciați efortul depus pentru realizarea lor, atunci poate că ați fi interesat să susțineți producția lor. Un pic merge un drum lung https://www.patreon.com/vernondeck https://paypal.me/vernondeck?locale.x… Un link către podcast-urile recente pe care le-am făcut: http://www. visualrevolutionary.com/podcast http://wearelookingsideways.com/podcasts/073-vernon-deck https://www.oceansailingpodcast.com/p… NOU!!! Obțineți marfa Learning By Doing aici!!! https://teespring.com/stores/learningbydoing SUBTECH https://www.subtechsports.com Cod promoțional: teamsubtechvernon Reducere: 20% (livrare gratuită în toată lumea) Indiana Paddlesurf: https://shop.indiana-sup.ch VERNON10X (cod de reducere de 10%) Vă rugăm să vizitați: http://www.vernondeck.com INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/Vernondeck/ FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/WNrSV5


42 thoughts on “O insula foarte indepartata numita Anuta. (AVERTISMENT oarecare NUDITATE)

  1. Hi these videos are fantastic!!
    I have always enjoyed you videos, very inspirational and you come across as a really cool human being.
    I’ve never commented on a YouTube video, but felt I had to as this isn’t ordinary stuff…
    I’m the father of Ali (The nomad sailor)

  2. Most Pacific Island culture is like this. They embrace you completely into their fold as a member of their community. Their lamenting in the end shows raw emotions and heartfelt love for the voyagers

  3. Very nice. Thank you for sharing. Definitely beautiful and caring people. It’s amazing their hospitality towards the family of strangers. I would presume that it’s because the family was kind and had things to give them in return. It would be nice to see an updated video of the island. Maybe give them seeds for crops for them to grow or something of the like.

  4. Was könnten wir in einer Welt leben, in der nicht Vermögen und Wohlstand die Werte sind an welchen gemessen wird, sondern Menschlichkeit, gegenseitige Achtung und Aufmerksamkeit. Danke für diese interessante Reportage!

  5. Amazing, Silvestre one of the sons lives in Brazil and does documentaries and his son is my niece school friend. I heard that he was raised in a boat, but found this docu by accident

  6. Such a beautiful people and simple culture an experience I would so much like to experience although I know that would never be possible in my life the sea seems very turbulent is it like that always there?

  7. What a beautiful enlightening video showing a civilization I have never known before. The end was so powerful in that felt their sorrow and love This surely must be from a very early tradition, it feels very old God Bless you and your loved ones. Keith In Florida USA.

  8. The simple Austronesian diet. Cassava, taro, banana, coconut, fish. Here in Mindanao Philippines we say in Cebuano "Bulanghoy, gabi, saging, lubi, isda". Usually here "kamote" (sweet potato), "baboy" (pork) and "manok" (chicken) as well. Root crops like cassava, taro and sweet potato are called "lagotmon". It would be interesting to see if things have changed in Anuta.

  9. The American Indians were much the same in the beginning…friendly and caring….and look what happen to them. So be careful Anutas especially of China virus and bacteria not normal to your culture.

  10. Everything looked staged. Everything and everyone looked like props and bad confused acting. This video was made as a piece o false history. Like many things were done in the past to rite history in a certain narrative.

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