Top 5 iahturi cu vele monococa sub 250.000 USD 2021-2022 | Preț și caracteristici | Partea 3

Top 5 iahturi cu vele monococa sub 250.000 USD 2021-2022 |  Preț și caracteristici |  Partea 3

În videoclipul de astăzi, vă împărtășesc lista cu unele dintre cele mai bune iahturi cu vele cu monococă sub 250.000 USD, împreună cu prețul și caracteristicile lor actuale. Acesta este al treilea episod din seria mea săptămânală despre monococa, așa că urmăriți-vă pentru a vedea toate alegerile mele de top! Monococa este printre cele mai comune tipuri de bărci din lume, reprezentând peste 70% din toate navele aflate în apă. Este o alegere perfectă pentru oricine dorește să aibă o adevărată experiență de navigație, fie că este un marinar experimentat sau cineva care abia începe în lumea navigației. Nu există un ghid definitiv care să-i ajute pe cumpărători să aleagă dimensiunea potrivită pentru o barcă cu pânze pe care să trăiască, dar oriunde între 35 și 45 de picioare cu un pescaj de 6 până la 8 picioare este un loc bun pentru a începe, mai ales pentru un cuplu. Într-adevăr, o barcă cu pânze monococă, spre deosebire de alte tipuri de bărci cu pânze, oferă o cantitate aproape de neegalat de adrenalină aventurilor navigate. Aceasta este partea a 3-a a unei serii de 4 părți pe iahturi cu vele cu monococă. Consultați celelalte părți aici: Top 5 iahturi cu vele monococa de peste 250.000 USD | Preț și caracteristici | Partea 1 Top 5 iahturi cu vele monococa de peste 500.000 USD | Preț și caracteristici | Partea 2 Vă rugăm să vă abonați și să susțineți canalul meu! Obțineți doza săptămânală de bunătate de navigație aici: Vizionați mai multe dintre videoclipurile mele prin această listă de redare: Top 5 iahturi clasice cu vele de la Spirit Yachts | Preț și caracteristici Informații suplimentare: Hanse 388 © Hanse Yachts AG / Inspiration Marine Group Ltd. Lungime: 37 ft 4 in (11,40 m) Lungime: 12 ft 9 in ( 3,90 m) Pescaj: 6 ft 9 in (2,06 m) Capacitate combustibil: 42 galoane (160 litri) Preț: începe de la 158.000 USD Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 © Jeanneau Yachts Lungime: 33 ft 11 in (10,34 m) Lungime: 10,34 m 3 inchi (3,44 m) Pescaj: 6,50 ft (1,98 m) Capacitate combustibil: 34 galoane (130 litri) Preț: începe de la 190.000 USD Dufour 390 Grand Large © Dufour Yachts Lungime: 39 ft 2 in (11,91 m3) ft 1 in (3,99 m) Pescaj: 6 ft 4 in (1,95 m) Capacitate combustibil: 52,8 galoane (200 litri) Preț: începe de la 220.000 USD Hanse 458 © Hanse Yachts AG / Inspiration Marine Group Ltd. Lungime: 46 ft ( 14,04 m) Lungime: 14 ft 4 in (4,38 m) Pescaj: 7 ft 3 in (2,23 m) Capacitate combustibil: 55,4 galoane (210 litri) Preț: începe de la 240.000 USD Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 © Beneteau Group Le / Beneteau Yachts / Beneteau 47 ft 11 in (14,60 m) Lungime: 14 ft 9 in (4,50 m) Pescaj: 7 ft 8 in (2,35 m) Capacitate combustibil: 52,8 galoane (200 litri) Preț: începe de la 249.000 USD Alte videoclipuri: Top 5 iahturi cu vele pentru 2020 CATAMARAN vs MONOHULL Partea 1: Preț și performanță || Care este cea mai bună barcă cu pânze? Declinări de răspundere: opiniile exprimate în videoclipurile mele sunt propriile mele opinii și s-ar putea să nu reflecte neapărat pe cele ale companiilor pe care le prezint. Conținutul meu respectă termenii de utilizare loială pentru educație și comentarii, iar clipurile pe care le prezint în editorialele mele sunt deținute de deținătorii de drepturi de autor respectivi. Pentru orice întrebări despre afaceri, mass-media sau parteneriate, comentați mai jos sau e-mail: #MonohullYachts #SailingYachts #LuxuryYachts #HarborMasters


42 thoughts on “Top 5 iahturi cu vele monococa sub 250.000 USD 2021-2022 | Preț și caracteristici | Partea 3

  1. Are you a fan of sailing yachts? Are you considering owning one? Which one is your favourite?

    This video is Part 3 of a 4-Part Series on Monohull Sailing Yachts. If you want to see more, check out these other videos:

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  2. This list looks like it is composed by a brochure drooler, not a real sailor. My apologies if not true. Have you tried any of these? E.g. the sound level in a Hanse when it is raining and blowing outside. The Beneteau with its low ballast ratio and single laminat hull? What happened e.g. to the Bavaria, Elan, Dehler and Grand Soleil?

  3. this prices aren’t real, this are the start prices and if you want to buy one of them you’ll pay something like 100k more than the start price.

  4. I would suggest going to some boats with displacement hulls and narrow aft to handle following seas if you intend to do ocean crossings. If the boat is mostly for lying at anchor, your list is excellent. I'm looking at a Swan 46 MK1 circa 1986, a Pacific Seacraft 40, or similar that will be more comfortable when things get a bit gnarly.

  5. No creo que estes bien informada sobre los precios de los barcos de esta comparativa, el jeanneau 349, en ningun caso vale 190.000, y el beneteau pasa bastante de los 250000, saludos desde el cariño.

  6. Twin steering helms. The ultimate affectation on a cruising boat. Makes me ill just looking at the stupid things. Also boats that are white below remind me of a Clorox bottle.

  7. Great review hoverer one thing missing are VIKO boats from polish shipyard vikoyachts.I purchased vikos35 ,which is a beautiful 37 feet monohull under 80 000 eur, and this was with accessories on top of base price.Very affordable boat and I am glad I picked it instead of some second hand Bavaria or hanse

  8. What a load of rubbish, confirmed by the comment about twin rudders. I have an OC45 and race against twin rudder boats. They might hold longer before they lose grip but they catch everything and with no flow over the rudder are a nightmare when berthing

  9. You can buy used boats for cheaper than that. Plus if you want to put it thru it learning curve then it's ideal pick. Tho many sun cruiser available but true live aboard all weather protection especially for cockpit helm is a must. Good Presentation ☝️😎

  10. Sorry, your voice-over (VO) work is terrible. A good microphone doesn't make for a good or engaging host. The bad pronunciation of manufacturer names (just watch some other videos from established yacht reviewers and they WILL say the name at least once) and the flat, disinterested delivery combined with the impression that she was literally reading it off a script for the first time having never looked at it before just turned me off the entire video before I got to number 3. I've done VO work professionally and it's a lot of work to do it right.

  11. These are boats ideal suited for staying in the harbour. The Salona 380 should be included in here. Much, much, much better constructed (steel frame, vinylester resins, etc. )

  12. You will be forcing me to buy a smaller boat. I need a intercoastal waterway friendly sailboat with less than 65 foot above the waterline and marina friendly/bahamas friendly with a draft around 5 foot. Seems none of these boats will work for me.

  13. What garbage. "…a draft of 6-8 feet." Lotsa luck cruising on a 40' boat with an 8' draft. I could get through only the first three "selections." These boats were not designed for ocean voyaging, but by salespeople for boat shows where the water is always mirror flat and the weather always pleasant. These boats purposely appeal to lubbers, especially lubberly wives delighted by tons of room in the cabin and who never think about the boat being hove down on her beam ends and the unfortunate crew being thrown out of a pilot berth on the high side, falling through space before fetching up on the far side 13' feet below. A fractured skull, neck, spine, or femur at sea is very likely to prove fatal. Remember catastrophic injuries frequently occur in weather conditions which make rescue by outside entities impossible.

    You want to go ocean sailing? First, LEARN TO SAIL. No one ever thinks about buying a plane and simply taking off. No, most people learn to fly first. And then getting plenty of experience, a couple of years' worth, before taking their family up. Yet many want to purchase a sailboat and shove right off. Learn to sail first.

    A very good choice for a couple is a Contessa 32. For many reasons, but an important one: she is small! Just right for a couple.

    For some insight from someone who actually has tens of thousands of bluewater under his belt go to You can get a good boat and equip her well for $50-75,000 (2023), less if you are a bargain hunter. You don't need an engine, electronics, radio communication. You do need a sound, seaworthy vessel with excellent sails, heavy, robust ground tackle, and properly equiped. Read every thing you can, especially Eric Hiscock, Hal Roth, the Pardeys, Peter Tangvald and others from the Classic Era of sail, 1920-1970, before radio communication destroyed the sense of self reliance that once was the hallmark of deep water sailors.

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