Nașterea unui iaht cu apă albastră – Soluție de construcție

Nașterea unui iaht cu apă albastră - Soluție de construcție

Alăturați-vă nouă în timp ce facem o plimbare prin cel mai recent Kraken 50 în construcție. Acest videoclip face parte din seria Birth of a Blue Water Yacht care a urmărit construcția Kraken 50 în Ocean Sailor Magazine. Reveniți în mod regulat pentru a vedea mai mult conținut despre construcția, lansarea și testele pe mare. Vizitați pentru a citi despre construcție de la început.


17 thoughts on “Nașterea unui iaht cu apă albastră – Soluție de construcție

  1. Bravo! This is the only manufacturer (that I know of …or have found) that is willing to allow the public into their company….to be part of their "community"!.. A main website…build videos like this…Show case videos – (focussing on the boat – not the models)… online magazine (that actually answers the publics questions)….Podcasts….this is wonderful!!!! Keep up the great work. May your efforts bring many more into the incredible world of sailing.

  2. Enjoyed this alot !!!!! Is there a way to make the navigation desk hinged to go up and allow better access to the electric panels underneath ? It seemd that one would be bent over when working on these items. Additionally, I am curious as to why the single sink and nit double sink. I am just getting into the sailing vibe and I am trying to learn as much information as possible from sail proven minds. I will want to do as much solar as possible and eliminate need for using a genset to a minimum. Are electric heads best and are you beautifullly designed vessels designed for useof sea water at all knowing yiu have a watermaker on obard? Once again, I want to thank you for your sharing of valuable information to us less knowledgeable / novice sailors !!!!!

  3. Im never tired of watching Kraken yachts. Amazing build, done with blue water cruising in mind. Really, no BS. Pure good quality. Dick thought about everything.

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