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Pentru a afla mai multe despre, vizitați pagina web a iahtului: https://yacht-marine-brokerage.com/project/46-m-steel-hull-motor-yacht/ Pentru mai multe informații: YMB YACHTING LTD Eliad Hagilady eliad@yacht-marine- brokerage.com +905439538678 Capitole: Introducere 00:00 Platformă de apă 02:42 Cameră tehnică 04:23 Pupa punte 05:52 A doua punte pupa 07:45 Sundeck 08:24 Stație de control pe partea SB 10:49 Fore Puntea 11: 55 Pod 13:48 Cabana căpitanului 15:31 Bar și lounge 16:34 Cabine pentru oaspeți (zona pupa) 17:40 Ziua Cap 23:11 Bucătărie 23:41 Sala mașinilor 26:48 Salon și mese 29:50 Cabină Master 32:23 Cabină pentru oaspeți (zona înainte) 35:32 Cabine pentru echipaj (zona înainte) 37:12 AGA 6 este un iaht cu motor Explorer cu cocă de oțel de 47 m care a fost construit în 1985 în SUA ca proiect personalizat. Ea a fost proiectată de John Nylen ca un iaht Explorer cu rază lungă de acțiune, care va merge oriunde. AGA 6 este acum oferit spre vânzare de la un vânzător pasionat. Are 6 cabine și spații publice mari atât în ​​interior cât și în exterior. Spații pentru echipaj pentru 8 (căpitan + 7) Echipat cu două motoare Cummins super economice de 650 CP și cu 90.000 de litri de motorină, ceea ce îi va oferi o autonomie de peste 5.000 de mile marine la viteza de croazieră. Împreună cu stabilizatorii de aripioare și care respectă cerințele de clasă ABS pentru construcție, ea ar fi nava perfectă pentru a explora locuri îndepărtate oriunde în fabrică.



  1. To more effectively sell the boat the owner needs to stage the vessel. Clean the hot tub and the closets. Set up some deck furniture and cushions. Or at least edit in other video when the vessel was under way.

  2. Owe c’mon ….I’m a big fan of your videos but when your asking €4m for a yacht please never show it in this state …..it looks like a polished turd!

  3. No. Yeah..I don’t know. Nicely appointed, ready to sail. That’s a plus, and range is decent. Operational cost may be an issue for me my investments are not fluid. I’ll continue to watch if you come across a Vintage Carver or Hatterias in 62 – 75 feet because of my dock space. Chow!

  4. For a yacht broker, this guy has a hard time with yachting terminology. Front/ forward, bathroom/head, left/port, right/stbd, kitchen/galley, etc. Every bunk Is a “double bed”, even if it’s a queen or king. Honestly, I don’t think he actually had a clue.

  5. I don't think a sale was wanted. Junk piled up to the windows, reference to a filthy spa, cloth left on the carpets and companion ways, dusty looking, empty spaces, untidy cabins, vast empty aft decks, "more screens" but no reference what for in the bridge, crew cabins strangely not shown, untidy looking engine room with much updating necessary (those inverters must have whiskers), a used towel hanging in one bathroom… the list is not pretty.
    Easily the worst prepared vessel I've seen. Not all the presenter's fault but he should have refused to do the job until the mess, cleanliness, lighting, empty spaces, lonely master cabin arrangements and communications were fixed up.

  6. That looks so comfortable and homey feeling. I wish I was in good enough health and could afford that boat. Could use some finishing touches hut for her age she is beautiful.

  7. wow, amazing and beautiful ship, the classic line and ornament must keep untouched, hey, this vessel is the representation of a past, charming era! who would want to change a milimeter of the history? c mon, to all that would like to change the interior of the ship, or replace anything, whatever they want is rightly comiting A SIN, this ship must be as it is, actually this ship is good to make a movie ambienting in past times, almost a movie for Corto Maltés hehheh

    so if somebody want to replace something in this ship is better to him to buy another one that have that they want

    well, if i have the money i would buy this superb machine, and to ride the waves, honey !!

  8. I would need to rip all that dark wood out and update everything it would cost to much big boat with a bigger update budget, not for me i would like to see it when all the jobs have been complete tho.

  9. Without knowing its rating, I imagine this would make an excellent charter RESEARCH vessel, – for commercial, polar or even deep ocean societies. The crew space is a little iffy, but conversion of a couple of cabins to bunk beds should turn the trick.

    Noted and saved. Thanks for the video, YMB.

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