Viața noastră pe insulă – Free Range Sailing Ep 197

Viața noastră pe insulă - Free Range Sailing Ep 197

Pentru ușurință de referință, am împărțit episodul din această săptămână în capitole: 00:00 Giant Groper 00:54 Introducere 01:44 Navigare prin câmpurile de gaz 02:35 Pascale este pe un pește 05:35 Troy v. Mackerel 06:46 Sexy Turtle Time 07:53 Turtle Graveyard 09:10 Defecțiunea bateriei cu plumb-acid și depanare 14:18 Navigare la margine 15:59 Scufundare la margine 18:15 Rănirea lui Pascale ȚINEȚI-NE PĂSTRĂM! Sprijină-ne și obține acces din timp la videoclipuri și alte recompense exclusive. Deveniți un patron al Free Range Sailing astăzi! Unii dintre fanii noștri preferă să aducă o contribuție directă prin Paypal: http://www.PayPal.Me/frstp SOCIALELE NOASTRE Urmărește-ne pe: Instagram: http://www.instagram .com/freerangesailing Facebook: GHID DE PROVISIONARE GRATUITĂ Pascale a creat un Ghid de furnizare GRATUIT de 40 de pagini. Ghidul explică și oferă exemple despre cum putem călători mâncând o varietate de mâncăruri sănătoase și delicioase timp de până la 6 luni la un moment dat, pe barca noastră mică, fără aprovizionare. Nu a existat niciodată un moment mai bun pentru a începe să înveți cum să crești potențialul de depozitare a alimentelor din casa ta. Sper că acest ghid vă va inspira să faceți alegeri mai informate de furnizare pe termen lung pentru viitor! Pentru mai multe informații, vizitați Pagina de aprovizionare de pe site-ul nostru web ( ) sau pentru a obține o copie direct făcând clic pe linkul de mai jos. LINK AICI: Descarcă-ți Ghidul de aprovizionare GRATUIT: De asemenea, dacă vrei să afli mai multe despre ceea ce pregătesc în fiecare săptămână pentru noi la bordul Mirrool, ar trebui să urmărești pagina mea de Instagram pentru mâncăruri! Credite muzicale Melodia noastră tematică (melodie de intro și/sau intro) Aquarium by TEVO. Puteți asculta muzica lui aici: Toată muzica provenită de la Epidemic Sound (


35 thoughts on “Viața noastră pe insulă – Free Range Sailing Ep 197

  1. Soak urchin splkes in the hottest water you can handle use either lemon lime or vinegar in it after a hour wrap it up for 24 hours it will be gone that's what we do on surf trips

  2. Sorry to say so but open batteries mustn't be used on boats. Way to dangerous under a lot of aspects. Taking your skills you are certainly able to build something new based on cheap Chinese prismatic lithium cells plus a bms. I did so for 500 $, 12V, 280 Ah, 20 kg, roughly 30x20x20 cm.

  3. Ouch! No fair when the crayfish hire bodyguards! Disasters come in threes though. Lost a tuna and a battery cell and then gained the urchin thorn. That’s three, so we can relax for the near future. Go well my intrepid friends. 👍

  4. Hi Troy & Pascal,
    I've been following you since Kimberly Coast lap 1. Love your work!
    I have some lithium iron cells & bms that you can have for import cost of you want to have more battery capacity.
    I've had my pack working on our boat for over 12 months. I use them for cranking and house. Never going back to lead.
    You just have to set the right cut off voltages and they should last >10 years. So much cheaper in the long run.
    Reply if you're interested.

  5. Time to go Lithium. One 120 amp Lithium will give 100 amps usable, two 120's will be 200 amps or one 200 amp = 180 amps usable. They still give you over 12.6 volts at 90% max discharge and last 10 plus years. Plus they are a third the weight of wet cells. 200 amp battery 27kg.
    Itechworld in Perth have excellent products, 120X $975 ea or 200amp $1599.

  6. arrr Trojans ….the Dominic freezer of the battery world.
    never had a good one in 12 volts at least.
    hope you dont buy more.
    large price,… rubbish battery. see you have a Engel fridge so you are clever,…. enough to stay away for more Trojan junk.
    good luck I run eclipse agm they have a 7 year warranty for agm but I am Shure their are other good bands out there.

    I had one fail and take out 2 others of the 6, as no circuit brakers between batteries ,eclipse replaced all 3 no problem at 14 months old so I will stick with them till I change to lithium. but with a battery bank of around 800 amps that will be a long time off.

    their is a aussie made lithium available at Brisbane battires for a great price but only 3 years warranty strange that a battery with double the stated life span over a.g.m has only half the warranty.
    I only tell you this as maybe their available in w.a thru another store, seeing there aussie made their called atlas batteries ,

    start at 300 dollars for 50 amp hour … 530 dollars for 135 amp hour all 12 volts. and as I stated 3 year warranty.
    and hey if you know of a good battery at a better price dont keep it a secret us boaties got to help each other, as no one else will. l.o.l
    see ya.

  7. oh I forget to say Brisbane batteries has free delivery Australia wide to non remote areas and are super honest I love them but surly there are people in w.a with eclipse and atlas batteries, hard to beat brissies price but.
    they went out of there way to help replace my 3 battery in a fast way no mucking around.
    just got to watch the fact they work out pro rata on full battery price, not the discount price you buy for I had to pay a little over 100 dollars for the 3 ….130 amp battery's they sent as they were just out of the one year replacement with out pro rata period, they sent them freight fee but. to me in cairns.

  8. I liked Troy nudge at the marine channels that show you every turn of the wrench or square inch of sanding trying to gain time with zero content.Some are nonetheless very successful . Go figure
    Free Range rules Hit theTHUMB UP, DO IT !

  9. Install lithium ion; I am sure your patrons will oblige. BTW, Pascale has changed since you both have started making videos ! I kind of liked her when you both first started making videos. She was like the Girl Next Door. Now she seems to have become stylish and sophisticated; not that it is bad, just saying.

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