Nava spațială Lagoon 55 - o pisică de croazieră care redefinește volumul
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Așteptați până vedeți cabinele de la pupa… acest Lagoon 55 cu toate opțiunile sale suplimentare este în esență o stațiune autonomă de 1,7 milioane de euro. Toby Hodges navighează pe prima dintre cele mai recente pisici de croazieră din Lagoon ► Deveniți un ABONAT GRATUIT la pagina YouTube a Yachting World acum – ► Pentru cele mai recente recenzii, lansări de echipamente noi și tur știri, vizitați site-ul nostru: ► Dă Like-ne pe Facebook aici – ► Urmărește-ne pe Twitter la: ► Simțiți-vă liber să comentați mai jos! ► Amintiți-vă să apăsați butonul de LIKE dacă v-a plăcut 🙂


42 de comentarii la „Nava spațială Lagoon 55 – o pisică de croazieră care redefinește volumul

  1. faciamo uno volta klaro, non sono inamorato e ne anke sposato, chi sono qualce promessi e domumenti su le tavoli, non vermarti, vediamo, oder was denkst Du Markus?

  2. Would be absolutely perfect for a week in the BVI’s, put the sails up for 30 minutes or so for show, then anchor up and it’s time for margaritas! Could you imagine having to tend to the mainsail in 3-4 meter waves in a seaway 20’ off the water? Great boats for what they are though.

  3. All the pluses from Toby are about relaxation spots. The quality from lagoon is a joke compared to other French builders. They are now the hunter of cats.

  4. There are so many cushions and breakables on the many decks, I have to wonder where it all goes if a squall is sighted, giving you short notice to get ready for it. Where does it all go and is there a drill for doing it?

  5. The greatest depth of the sailboat design should be at the stem of the boat. The point midway between the mast and forestay should be the deepest point of the sailboat design. This increases the lateral resistance for the headsails and improves sail power and rudder control in high wind. Normal on keel design and normally refered to as seaworthy. When the bow of the boat has the most lateral resistance the boat is said to be seaworthy.

  6. Toby enthusiastically reviewed a Gun Boat while having morning tea onboard and sailing at 20 knots. Now this. I commend him for his attempt to remain positive and search for laudable attributes of this floating Winnebago. I'm not sure I could be as complimentary.

    I've chartered the L52 a few times now, and its OK for a week but I'm always shocked at how quickly these boats fall apart. This L55 is so much worse in many ways. Poor layout, cheap fit and finish, low quality materials, difficult sail handling, hobby horsing in light seas, plunging bow. Even all those lounge areas seem to be a downgrade from former models, poor walkarounds, bad human access, bulging cushions, bad galley design, chart table in the wrong place, melamine surfaces, and sharp corners.

    So even as a crewed charter boat, this one has some huge compromises once you take it from the boat show into the real world.

  7. All of you talking about the bulkheads should watch Parlay Revival's videos. These probs were on one model and have been addressed. Watch his videos for what the issue is on a large number of this one model.

  8. Hard pass with the boom that high. Why cant Lagoon go with the half down helm position like Leopard 50, 45 .. the boom is at least reasonably low ish.

    The beam in the hulls , the hobby horsing in relatively stable sea way .. good luck ‘sailing’ this

    You have better luxury cruising with space —> leopard, balance, heck even a FP has the sensible half down helm

  9. Another hobby horsing lagoon apartment..make a nice houseboat..but not at 1.6 million Euros. buy a proper ocean going cat at a better price…with strong bulkheads.

  10. I like for Lagoon to answer these question as followed directly. " Do the 55 lagoon have a structural problems that compromises the yacht performance, stability and safety." Are the problems with its previous model(s) are to be expected on this year 2022 Lagoon 55? If not… Will Lagoon guarantee its hull with a buy-back if there are problems with its structure e.g., streaky floor, bulkhead integrity and related issues? The yacht looks great . I just hope that it meets superior building standards.

  11. Just watched sailing Nahoa
    Big problems with bulkhead issues.
    This cat well how do you sort boom issues in big seas?
    Windage? Really high bridge and dangerous.
    Its a cat for light weather sailing and small seas thats it.
    Personally i wouldnt trust the designs or the build quality.
    Go for a Privilage or Xquisite
    They are a different league, no creaking or major banging

  12. Hello, I need to know how much costs all maintenance for the year of Lagoon55 ? Please, I can't find anything information online. Just tell around, I hope not 100.000 per year. Thank you

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