Navigați cu catamaranele de croazieră ULTIMATE Performance - Următoarea noastră barcă?  (Patroni, verificați e-mailul)
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Am navigat cu Amazing Chris White Atlantic 72 ft catamaran de performanță Penmanship și este posibil să ne fi schimbat cursul definitiv. Clarity este de vânzare? Rămâneți pe fază… Auzim și povestea incredibilă a învierii Leopardului după ce a plutit cu capul în jos în Atlantic timp de 7 luni. ⛵️ SUSȚINEȚI PRODUCȚIILE NOASTRE – ALĂTURAȚI-VĂ ECHIPULUI NOSTRU DE „FĂCĂTORI” ⚓️ EȘTI CURIOS DE CONSULTAREA 1:1? 🎙 PODCAST SĂPTĂMÂNAR – SUB PĂSĂRILE CU THE O’KELLYS ☕️ ÎNCERCAȚI NOUA NOASTRA CAFEA! ABONAȚI-vă și economisiți 15% 📭 GRUP PRIVAT FACEBOOK – THE O’KELLY’S S/V CLARITY GROUP 👕 NOUL O’KELLY STYLE SHWAG :// ❤️ PRODUSE PE CARE LE IUBIM Nick și Megan au #navighez și trăiesc #OffTheGrid în ultimii 20 de ani. Ne place să #călătorim și să petrecem timp în #natură și sperăm să ne vedem aici! Cărțile și cărțile audio ale lui Nick: GET HER ON BOARD este despre a-l convinge pe acea persoană semnificativă să-l cumpere în această prostie de croazieră. Oamenilor par să le placă. Carte audio: Carte: MARGIN este despre a face bani din mers, tranzacționând acțiuni și opțiuni. Am scris-o împreună cu Pat Schulte de la Bumfuzzle. Oamenilor par să le placă și asta. Toate veniturile au fost donate pentru barca noastră. Audiobook: Book: Audiobooks: BUMFUZZLE – Tocmai ieșit în căutarea piratilor. Îi cunoști pe acești tipi și acum mă cunoști pe mine, așa că ascultă. BOUND FOR DISTANT SEAS, de James Baldwin și James, aceasta este o mică poveste a lui James Baldwin și o aventură simplă. barcă. #Leopard46 #BoatLife #BoatLife #CatalogSakellyOff #CatalogSakeledOff #CatalogSakellyOff #CatalogSakellyOff #nomad #sail #boat #ocean #sailorgirl #chriswhite #sailing #boatlife #performanceboat #Atlantic57


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  1. Excellent. Now.. to all of you serious boat lovers. If you intend to be around another twenty or more years, put serious work into a very very high elevation inland storage for the most important or full backup parts sets. You will be happy you did, if you make it that far. The pole flip and solar flare or micro nova potential coming soon to nearly everyone is also reason to stay away from carbon fiber. And then its just going to be the lucky few to have to restart the world. Good luck!

  2. I helped Art Piver build his Trimarans many many years ago in the fiberglass over marine plywood designs. . In comparison to this, Art would be proud of the accomplishment in design and function. I am very impressed and wish I could afford this beautiful yacht. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi there, been supporting you month in and month out since 2018 on Patreon and have noted with disappointment no recognition at all but haven't begrudged you because I have learned a few interesting facts fro time to time. This week's video has been interesting as I didn.t know about S-glass. Cool. Currently looking at how solar can generate storeable hydrogen from the sea. So much lighter and more easily renewable than heavy batteries which would be 10 x heavier. Hoping your voyaging can continue safely and you are able to feedback key developments in sailing and cruising technology. Someday, hopefully we can look at serious self-sufficiency in powering what we need onboard without having to rely on carbon's dirt and noise.

  4. I'm a bit torn on the forward cockpit. On the one hand it seems an extremely fun and practical point to sail from, but on the other you're giving up a massive ammount of space; and you still need a backup helm for rough weather.

    On a big boat like the 72 and (maybe even the 56) it's brilliant but on anything smaller I'd take a sports or versa helm, you get almost all of the advantages but also a lot more space.

    I'm a massive fan of the hull-up galley too. All the advantages of galley down and galley up in one.

  5. My 2nd viewing.. really good informative video.
    S Glass, I had no idea.
    There is a Dutch builder, I am looking at who uses Kevlar in hulls, for collision safety. Sorry, not a sailboat, but they have trans Atlantic capability, with very low fuel consumption.
    Elling E6.
    Cheers from yyz

  6. If I had the money…..been following his designs forever. If you are aware of his trimarans….OMG…wind machines that are beyond comparison. Not luxurious like this 70 footer…but much cheaper and better sailor. IMO. This was a great article and you were very fortunate to have scored this interview with him. That boat must cost over 5 million or more

  7. Saw that they put the batteries below the water line. With the intention of flooding the battery compartment in case of a fire. If those are Lithium/Sodium batteries water isn't going to put it out might even be more catastrophic. For Lithium fires they're gonna need the proper flame retardent rated for lithium/chem fires. Or Am I missing something?

  8. Just watched this again, especially in light of recent and current events. When I watched this before I got a bit of a sense that an 'ah ha' moment had happened. Now 6 months later, it all makes sense. Sure hope things work out for you guys, and was also reminded that you said you had a whole pile more Chris White material. Sure hope you get/find/make the time to make it available to us all.

  9. Very beautiful video for 2 extraordinay boats of a great dream designer.
    Thank you for making this wonderful story,
    One question, at 4:33 in your video i understand true wind angle 24° and apparent wind angle bit more than 30° how's that possible that true wind is higher than apparent wind? The speed i find right, SOG 5,5knt, TWS 10,6 knt and AWS 15,0kts.

  10. SO LUCKY to get to see so multiple Atlantics, meet Chris and Katie, etc. Chris' designs are so thoughtful and were so different when they came out that they're almost revolutionary in an otherwise evolutionary space. I am so impressed with his designs. And of course he inspired Peter Johnstone's Gunboats and their descendants like HH.

    The forward cockpit is actually very logical and safe and relatively dry, plus there's an inside helm for really bad weather.

    The MasterVolt battery is Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry, which is highly unlikely to catch on fire.

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