A traversat Atlanticul cu o barcă de 16 ft! Ai îndrăzni? – Ep. 300 RAN Sailing

A traversat Atlanticul cu o barcă de 16 ft!  Ai îndrăzni? - Ep.  300 RAN Sailing

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40 thoughts on “A traversat Atlanticul cu o barcă de 16 ft! Ai îndrăzni? – Ep. 300 RAN Sailing

  1. 300 episodes! 😃 Wow that’s crazy! Thank you so much for watching our videos and following our adventures! Much love from us!
    /Malin, Johan & Vera

  2. Great interview! Thanks so much.

    Sadly, not surprised to see a fair share of haters here doubting his skills, his boat, his everything. So many couch sailors and armchair experts it's depressing, but then again, this is Youtube so it's totally OK to doubt anyone's achivements – especially when they are more profound than your own. How about showing some respect or at the very least having an open mind? Just because it is not your cup of tea does not make what he did dangerous , reckless or ill-adviced.
    He knows what he can and can not do and he knows his boat better than any of us – he BUILT it for God's sakes. And shook it down in very tough conditions.
    Finally, I personally believe that people who know how to sail small boats in adverse conditions make for better sailors.
    End of rant.

    Thanks again for a great interview and well done to Jakub!

  3. i read a book a long time ago about a guy who didnt know anything about boats or sailing. he built a 9ft boat in his garage, tested it in storms on a lake and then crossed the Atlantic.

  4. God bless! He's following his dream like other's do. And I think it's perfect, for sailing trips, or as much as she can handle. Crossing the ocean in your own boat you built, is a amazing feeling. So she must be a strong vessel. Stay safe and God bless, she's beautiful..💯 🙏 ⛵

  5. Kid reinforces the idea that if you want something just keep going with it whatever happens. Just keep doing it, keep pushin for it. If you don't have money for a big boat, take a small one. If you don't have money to buy a small boat, build one. If you don't know how to build, learn it all and keep trying.
    I recall one sailing project that rebuilt hurricane damaged boats without any prior experience in sailing or boatwork interviewed in some Pacific island beach. When they were asked what is the key factor that brought them there, they said "a totally stubborn dogged determination borderline clinical stupidity". That's the spirit.

  6. Super interesting,
    I have more time (work 4 days/week) than money, so I would need to build a boat, if I want to go sailing . It's for solo day sailing, so it can be very simple=cheap yacht..

    I consider 18 ft LOA to be good enough for me. I noticed : No winches – only cleats, and a free standing mast. Both means cheap, and less things which can break.

    A small boat is also going to begin to move at a slow wind speed than longer, i.e. heavier, boats. So one doesn't need to motor a lot.

    I would consider using an electric outboard and 600 watts of solar panels. A single 3.2 KWh LiFEPo4 battery should suffice. A small 1KW portable generator could be used for diesel-electric propulsion in case of no wind, no sun, and an almost empty battery.

  7. I'm a native English speaker, sometimes I take it for granted, but it blows my mind I can get on YouTube and watch a Swedish guy and a Polish guy have a wonderful intelligent discussion about sailing, yet I can understand it and follow along and enjoy every bit of it.

    Well done! You deserve standing applause. Bravo to both of you.

  8. I had sorta written off the idea of building a small boat just because I had heard that a mast alone can be around 10k. I might still just restore a clipper 21, Catalina 22 or Pearson 26 instead

  9. Awesome very well done…also check out Andrew Bedwell and the box Atlantic challenge his boat is just over a meter long he’s attempting the world record for smallest boat across the Atlantic..

  10. My friend many years ago who was originally out of England ( Peter bird) nonstop thanks to a beautiful rowing vessel that was put together in Sausalito all the way To Australia … Another beautiful example of Western kind people pushing the limit as We have always done. Our biosphere dictates all through history.. Blessings

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