Eu navighez cu o singură mână barca mea cu pânze de 50 de picioare!  (....dar sunt casatorit) |  EE 88
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Îmi încerc mâna la Single Hand Sailing… sau așa crede ea. Jade chiar vrea să cunoască mai bine barca și să aibă mai multă încredere că o poate naviga cu sau fără mine. Ceea ce este grozav și îl susțin pe deplin. Din nefericire, incapacitatea mea de a sta pe mâini timp de 6 ore îmi dă ocazia să termin vela cu o singură mână. Oh, și avem prima și cu siguranță nu ultima noastră rânduială în jurul momentului recuzită. Închideți-vă. **************************************** Dacă ați venit aici căutând link-urile noastre Amazon, ești un tip special de om minunat. Vă mulțumim că le-ați verificat! Produsele pe care le folosim și iubim: Produsele pe care le dorim 😁: **************** ************************ *Echipamentul nostru* Camera principală: Obiectiv principal: /3cwZRkl Microfon: Go Pro: Dronă: Laptop: *Găsește-ne În altă parte* Facebook: Jade Instagram: Brett Instagram: EE Instagram: https:/ / Dingo Instagram: Penny Instagram: TikTok: *Site web/blog* *Vrei să ne sprijini?” https:/ / *Cum am început mak subtitrări* #BoatLife #Monohull # Beneteau #TravelVlog #DigitalNomad #LifeStyle #Sailboats


49 de comentarii la „Eu navighez cu o singură mână barca mea cu pânze de 50 de picioare! (….dar sunt casatorit) | EE 88

  1. Hi there! Great episode! We are looking at buying a 49 and wonder if you can remind me in which episode you changed the port aft cabin from a traditional bed to the workshop style? I can’t remember. Thanks! The models we have seen are the two cabin, where the aft starboard cabin has all that wasted space at the foot of the berth.

  2. Someone has probably already said it, but I would make sure you have a floating line on the dingy. I was moving my boat hours before a hurricane hit, I was by myself and pulled off the dock line, then put the engine in gear. As luck would have it, the line wrapped around the prop and stopped me cold. I had to retie to the dock, get in the water (with a very strong surge current) and get the line free. I anchored up a river in Pensacola and after the hurricane, found my old dock totally destroyed. My problem of course was not planning ahead. But in my defense, I was managing a service company and had very little spare time. I only closed the office the day the hurricane hit.

  3. This makes me nervous , She should not and you also run on the deck , just read a survival story where the sailor slipped off the back transom and the boat sailed away, anyone should maybe have a safety rope or wire attached when doing something like sailing alone and maybe a inflatable life jacket in case you falloff into the water.

  4. WOW. But, please tell me Jade that you do not intend to sail that 51' yacht single handed. For a few hours for fun, with back up in the cockpit, that,s all. Do you know why lager vessels even bothered to have crew.?? I'll keep watching to see how you crew together..

  5. God Bless you and your Family! I love how you are with each other it’s pleasant and civil. You have wonderful dogs too so sweet 🥲. I have my Sweet Miss Baby 🐕 she goes everywhere with me and her goal is to make friends with everyone she sees. She helps me with extensive Emphysema and COPD. She keeps me safe when I get dizzy from low Oxygen and she makes it possible for me to go light hiking and to Beaches and Rivers with her for her daily adventures. She helps me with every aspect of my life dogs are just Angels we can see!
    I Pray 🙏🏼 God Blesses you with Protection and happiness and good health in Jesus Name!❤️🖖🏼🇺🇸

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