NOI SUPRAVIEȚIM... Costa Rica este SALBATĂ!  Navă cu pânze Delos Ep.  378
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In ce ne-am bagat in Costa Rica??? Alăturați-vă nouă în Golful Nicoya, în timp ce găsim în sfârșit porțiunea de paradis liniștită și protejată pe care credeam că o căutăm… Și în loc să ne bucurăm de pace și liniște, decidem să înnebunim complet 🤪 Lupte cu noroi pe plajă, Margaritas făcute în casă din mango sălbatic pe care le-am ales, care îți vor înțepă părul de pe sprâncene și prima călătorie a lui Sierra la închisoare! Adaugă niște maimuțe urlatoare zgomotoase și o prezentare de modă pe plajă de la Kazza… și ce poți mai spera într-o vineri? Urmăriți seria noastră de documente din 4 părți: Protejați-vă de soare! Susține videoclipurile noastre- Trimite-ne dragoste Ne finalizăm navigarea în jurul lumii, așa că mai sunt multe de văzut ! Sprijinul dvs. va finanța echipamente mai bune pentru cameră, internet pentru a încărca videoclipuri și, desigur, lubrifianți creativi pentru a ușura procesul de editare 🙂 – Echipament recomandat pentru cameră! – Abonați-vă la noul nostru site minunat. – În culise. – Like-ne pe Facebook – Sprijină-ne cumpără un tricou dulce Delos!


32 de comentarii la „NOI SUPRAVIEȚIM… Costa Rica este SALBATĂ! Navă cu pânze Delos Ep. 378

  1. Is there a reason people buy the classic monohull sailboat design still? It seems catamarans are just superior in every way. Less rolling on waves due to stability, more room, and about the same price for smaller ones in my area.

  2. I'm so looking forward to coming along for the ride over the next decade or so, to see how this sailing life shapes Sierra. Will she develop an interest in living the same life as her parents? Maybe it will foster in her an interest in being a commercial ship's captain, a marine biologist, a cultural explorer, photographer, videographer, translator, poet, painter, reef saver, ocean cleaner, diplomat, cultural attaché, environmental lawyer, heck even a clothing designer who finds inspiration with all the cultures she's interacted with. She will have had SO MUCH and so varied experiences, who knows what that will lead to. 💚💙

  3. I instantly bought one of the awesome hoodie skin savers jacket haha. Only issue is it has a small discoloration on it. Not that it’s a big deal since I love it and it’s so comfortable. Just curious if I should bleach it or would it mess it up. Anywho love the Delos hoodies much love

  4. To see bioluminescence with your own eyes is absolutely amazing, fascinating. Although I’ve been told to not even touch it as it can be extremely dangerous. I did put my hand in it from the dinghy ones..
    Forgive my chuckle, but one of the ingredients was “Luciferin”? As in the devil?

    Anyway, it reminds me of the green powerful northern lights. I will admit I have always had a heard time believing the official narrative in this and often thought it may be man made or done for purposes not yet known to us.. I no longer believe something just because Wikipedia says it. Some things have been proven untrue or strongly debated by other scientists.
    I like to hear all sides, including the sceotucal scientists views why it’s nit those molecules for example.
    Awesome video as always.

  5. Hi ! yes ! Mangos are so good ! In 1980-81 i spent 1 year in Mexico ! at one time i was living in a small hut surrounded by all kinds of nice fruits ! 2 Mango trees 2 avocado trees ! 2 lime trees yellow and green ! Papaya trees, coffee bush ! that was so great to be in the right season ! All i had to do was getting out of my hut and the trees were right there ! the ones on the ground were good ripe and juicy ! LoL😋

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