09 | Navigați pe Marea Cortez în Guaymas și Mazatlan

09 |  Navigați pe Marea Cortez în Guaymas și Mazatlan

Urmați călătoria noastră la bordul Julia, o barcă cu pânze din lemn construită în mod tradițional, în timp ce traversăm Marea Cortez și ne îndreptăm spre est, spre partea continentală pentru o călătorie în Guaymas. Călătoria continuă spre sud, de-a lungul coastei, până în orașul vibrant Mazatlan, unde explorăm orașul și luăm măsurile finale pentru traversarea Oceanului Pacific spre vest, cea mai mare aventură a noastră de până acum. muzica: Back to the Woods de Jason Shaw – Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License – Muzică de Audionautix.com


45 thoughts on “09 | Navigați pe Marea Cortez în Guaymas și Mazatlan

  1. What great videos you guys are making. When are we going to see a boat tour of this beautiful boat? Come on guys, it's time you showed us this vessel that is going to take you out into the Pacific.

  2. It is good to see you 2 again. A change of mind and direction is not uncommon for those at sea, excitement calls. I for one love the idea of your fine Wooden vessel visiting the Marcasus. Wind to your back!

  3. We're a couple months behind you! Thanks for sharing your experiences. It inspires and helps us prepare. Fair winds and following seas!

  4. So excited to see your voyage to the south pacific. My partner and I are just fitting our boat out now with the same goal. Hopefully we can follow in your footsteps in a few years.

  5. First class video! Subscribed. This is what sailing life is without the filler vloggers put it there. Fair winds and seas to you!

  6. Love your videos and the storytelling of your journey, Sea of Cortez looks like an amazing cruising ground.
    Hope you make it here to New Zealand !

  7. You certainly get the award for the best cinematography of any sailing videos. Absolutely beautiful, music choices superb. My only complaints where your pronunciation of the names Mazatlan and Guaymas. But you still get an A+! Fantastic journey. Keep it going

  8. I just found your channel last week a very nice change from so many other click bait channels real people real sailing in a beautiful boat what a great idea

  9. Hello just first time watching you're doing a great job with your storytelling and awesome photography great video I'm looking forward to watching

  10. Love your boat, and your skin on frame dingy! So nice to see people cruising on a traditional wood boat with a traditional rig and using a dingy with just oars. A pair of Shaw and Tenny spoon blades would probably help you allot. Also love the home made wind vane. Safe voyage

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