Navigare spre Groenlanda 2022 I Capitolul 1. Norvegia spre Shetland.

Navigare spre Groenlanda 2022 I Capitolul 1. Norvegia spre Shetland.

Obțineți oferta dvs. exclusivă NordVPN aici: – Nu există riscuri cu garanția de rambursare a banilor Nord de 30 de zile! Bine ați revenit la primul meu videoclip cu A TREIA mea încercare ciudată de a ajunge în Groenlanda! Urcă-te la bord și alătură-te mie în prima etapă care navighează din Norvegia către Shetland pe 200 NM de Marea Nordului. Uitați-vă cum am reușit să rup noul meu gennaker Rolly Tasker în bucăți în câteva secunde, fiind foarte nefericit în încercarea mea de a-l implementa. Lucrurile de multe ori nu merg conform planului, așa cum vă va arăta această expediție în întregime. Există o singură regulă când se întâmplă asta. Continuați să așteptați cu nerăbdare! 🙂 Tricouri și produse Erik în interiorul UE: SUA și peste tot: Facebook: https:/ / Instagram: Patreon: PayPal:


25 thoughts on “Navigare spre Groenlanda 2022 I Capitolul 1. Norvegia spre Shetland.

  1. Absolutely amazing Erik!!!
    You are the reason why I bought a vind vane and tackle to sail from Germany to England 🇬🇧 …
    I hope this sounds not precocious but let me give you one tip as a doctor: you should overthink your food consumption and go more on vegetables to help your gut… I know that it is a hard fight and I'm sure that you already tried many diets and therapies. Keep on going!!

  2. Hi Erik, first time here. Like the "no bullshit" manifesto. Don't like the absence of safety line – your parents love you too much. You mention health issues repeatedly including colitis. I would like to bring to your attention the suspected role of wheat and rye proteins as cause of array of chronic autoimmune ailments incl colitis. The predisposition for these ailments is hereditary. The story, as I understand, is that with the onset of agriculture the new wheats based diet had severe side effects. Stunned growth and short life span (130cm, 35y life span) with everybody suffering from colitis was the norm. It took about a millennium of genetic (Darwinian) and cultural adaptation for humans to spring back. I suppose that in your case the genetic misadaptation is still showing through. I am not selling nor promoting anything. It took me personally more than 10 years of dead ends and conventionally conditioned doctors to figure out the roots of my eczemas. Take into account that my experience has nothing with you and your condition has completely different genesis. But if you want to pursue this trail, remember that it takes 2 weeks, at least, for your immune system to calm down to start to see results. So any biscuit or can of beer in the middle will reset your medical self experiment. Good luck.

  3. Amazing content. You should have a million subscribers…. Too bad you don’t have a blond Viking in a bikini. She would be damn cold so I guess that won’t work. Great sailing will just have to do. That you got lots of on your channel.

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