2022 LÂNGĂ Spania Sail Grand Prix | Ziua 1

2022 LÂNGĂ Spania Sail Grand Prix |  Ziua 1

SailGP se întoarce la Cádiz, în Andalucia, Spania, pentru a doua oară, cu mai multe echipe și curse și mai strânse. Urmărește toată acțiunea în direct. Abonați-vă aici: https://bit.ly/2IZR3n4 Like SailGP Pe Facebook: http://sail.gp/facebook Urmăriți SailGP Pe Twitter: http://sail.gp/twitter Urmărește SailGP Pe Instagram: http://sail .gp/Instagram Rămâneți la curent cu buletinul informativ SailGP: http://sail.gp/signup SailGP navighează redefinit. Înființat în 2018 și cu sediul în Londra și New York, SailGP este un campionat sportiv anual, global, care oferă tehnologie îndrăzneață, de ultimă oră și atletism uimitor. Cursele de coastă, centrate pe fani, au loc în unele dintre cele mai emblematice porturi de pe glob și culminează cu o cursă de meciuri de 1 milion de dolari în care câștigătorul ia tot. Echipe naționale rivale din Australia, Danemarca, Franța, Marea Britanie, Noua Zeelandă, Spania și Statele Unite se luptă cu catamarane F50 supraalimentate identice, proiectate pentru curse intense la viteze electrizante care depășesc 50 de noduri (aproape 60 mph).


24 thoughts on “2022 LÂNGĂ Spania Sail Grand Prix | Ziua 1

  1. Sombody was complaining about Melanie Robertson in St tropez call the races after 14 minutes , I’M not sure she was alone in making the decisions ( or just spokesperson?) , but they have tweaked the notice of race to allow 16 vs 14 minutes of racing and race will be a race after 3 marks have been rounded going forward.
    They have these weird rules for Better TV I’m sure, but in the USA they seem to have given up any sort of live coverage on the TV and showing on considerable delay ( days) so plenty of time to edit out the slow bits.
    So we can luckily watch live on YouTube so they could use more normal regatta rules where race committee can abandon races when wind dies etc to get the required number of races in.
    Who is Sail GP targeting this at? Local audience? Regular TV? You tube live ? Some combo , what is priority?
    Any comment SailGP ? What’s you target audience?
    Cheers Warren

  2. For those of us on the West Coast, getting to see this in near real time (after I got up) is so much better than needing to wait 4 days to watch the replay on CBS Sports Channel. I wonder if CBS realizes how many viewers will not be tuning in because of the huge time delay (they played a soccer game rather than Sail GP).

  3. Spithill's USA boat looking very competitive today, much improved over the past 2-3 venues. Some elbow-throwing between USA and ESP, but rubbing is racing. I think if Jimmy keeps consistent, and there's no glaring mistakes, they could have podium finishes tomorrow.

  4. It really is impressive how consistently the camera operator manages to cut away from the helicopter view to some useless rib footage away from the spot just as something important like a close cross or tack is happening. Hard to watch. Get it together, production!

  5. We viewers who are not full time sailors are asking for a HUGE favor, can the grpahics SHOW who has the Right of Way ????? Maybe a colored arrow or circle around the boat ? Thanks! This is the best graphics coverage of ANY sport out there. Better than F1 for following the entire group of racers.

  6. I really enjoy watching these but I have absolutely no idea how the turns and course layout works. It just seems random. Some turn here some turn there and then the announcers say its over. I think more people would watch if there was like a course that you could see. I don't get how a race cannot follow a path that all have to stay on. It'd be like watching a marathon where half the runners take off and cut through a field. It sort of looks like a big mess to me. How do they make sure everyone goes same distance. Makes no sense to me.

  7. I can't wait for the next America's Cup.

    I've lost interest in this series really fast because I know very well what ESG/(DEI) is, and it's NOT about saving the planet, equal opportunity, or anti-discrimination. Exxon has a better ESG score than Tesla?… I'm not interested in tacitly supporting a political ideology/philosophy that isn't Classical Liberal. Get political ideology out of your series/organization/sport or it will bring it down.

    If you truly supported "Equity", you would divide the whole SailGP budget in half, create two separate series', 5 boats for the men's series and 5 boats for teams with all women crews for their series. Do it.

  8. Poor Slingsby got his feelings hurt by a rule-abiding Burling..Ha ha..Jimmy said at St Tropez, Aussies will back anyone & everyone who vs NZ in anything, including marbles or hopscotch. Through the decades we Kiwis got use to the Aussies whinging, espc when they lost, & that's quite alot.This rivalry stems from colonial times when forcibly 're-settled' Aussie farmers saw their NZ neighbours had bigger healthier flocks/herds due to lusher land, unlike their hot & arid surroundings…& so the rivalry & jokes began & continues.

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