Instalarea unui sistem electric Victron în istoricul iaht cu vele Tally Ho

Instalarea unui sistem electric Victron în istoricul iaht cu vele Tally Ho

Susține/Donează; Deveniți un patron; Lista de dorințe Amazon; –- EPISODUL 135 După o scurtă trecere în revistă a weekendului nostru pornilor deschise, ne întâlnim cu personajele principale care vor fi responsabili de sistemul electric al lui Tally Ho, precum și de celelalte sisteme din barcă – instalații sanitare, încălzire, motorină, etc. Tyson face un început excelent cu sistemul de alimentare și distribuție electrică, cablarea în o mulțime de cutii albastre strălucitoare și interesante de la Victron. De asemenea, îi luăm din urmă pe Patrick și George, care au fost amândoi ocupați cu alte proiecte pe vas, inclusiv câteva lucrări de bronz satisfăcătoare și un dulap / dulap Cherry în cabina de la pupa. —— Pentru a deveni un Patron – Pentru a dona sau a sprijini – Lista mea de dorințe Amazon Pentru previzualizări furtive ale ce se întâmplă între episoade, urmărește-mi FACEBOOK și INSTAGRAM MULŢUMESC MULT! – Muzica; Switch It Up – Silent Partner This is Not Punk – True Cuckoo Rural Stride – Josh Kirsch / Media Right Productions To Weather a Storm – Dan Lebowitz Wolf Kisses – Otis McDonald Instalarea unui sistem electric Victron în istoricul iaht cu vele Tally Ho (EP135)


30 thoughts on “Instalarea unui sistem electric Victron în istoricul iaht cu vele Tally Ho

  1. FWIW: There is a hook like baffle that attaches to a heat gun. It enables shrink tubing to be heated on all sides at once, reducing the heat time and making a uniform shrink very easy.

  2. It is funny that people are worried about the safety of the batteries you put into the boat. And at the same time they are perfectly fine riding around in an electric vehicle that is essentially a bomb because of the Lithium Ion battery packs they use.

  3. Incredible work all the way through engineering, design craftmanship, teamwork, video content and editing and sharing it all. It is so gratifying to see the turn out for the open house. Leo and team well done. It is so inspiring to witness your excellence. Tbank you.

  4. I'm surprised there weren't idents placed on each end of the cables, especially as some are routed through bulkheads.
    There's a world of difference between an Electrical Engineer routing cables during construction and a yachtsman trying to trace an electrical fault in the middle of the ocean with a sea state 5 or higher. In that event a wiring diagram, with clearing idented cables, would be invaluable.

  5. You know in this day and age of super high tech focus, it is absolutely amazing how you have taken so many individuals from such varied backgrounds and ended up with so many "craftsmen" (including "females" in that title) who have and are doing such AMAZING and totally professional work!!!
    For a viewer almost eight decades old who has NEVER wanted to do anything other than craft and/or any other kind of mechanical/skill work, watching you and your crew apply so much skill and un-limited pride into this wonderful, quite literally, "labor of love" is so gratifying and pleasing!!! I only wish I could be part of it!!! So, MASSIVE KUDO'S Leo to you and the entire crew of the Tally Ho project!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🍷🥂

  6. FYI: I mounted individual solar cells along the upper surfaces of the spreaders on 72' schooner in the 90's … totally invisible and still "trickling down" brilliantly apparently … rarely needs generator.

  7. Beautiful work. Would be curious to see how those Orions do with heat and the associated throttling back of charge current given their cooling fin orientation being horizontal on this install. They have a bit of a reputation for overheating.

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