Navigație de vară fierbinte în MEXICO! – Stil de viață la bord ep.221

Navigație de vară fierbinte în MEXICO!  - Stil de viață la bord ep.221

În episodul de săptămâna aceasta din Onboard Lifestyle, bask navighează în Bahia Conception și simte un gust bun din Summer in the Sea of ​​Cortez. Ne străduim în golf pentru a explora această regiune uimitoare ancorand la Playa Santispac și Playa Coyote. Reveniți săptămâna viitoare să vedem dacă putem să nu ne topim… ne vedem atunci! ALĂTURĂ-TE ECHIPULUI NOSTRU! Dacă sunteți interesat să ne ajutați să producem aceste videoclipuri, nu ezitați să consultați pagina noastră Patreon. TIP JAR: Vă plac videoclipurile noastre? Vrei să ne oferi un virtual high-five? Ne răsfățați cu un pahar de rosé sau whisky pe stânci sau cu altă carte pentru Emma? Sau abordează un rezervor de combustibil? Faceți clic pentru a vedea cum puteți susține producțiile noastre (majoritatea modalităților nu vă vor costa nici un ban): SHIP’S MAGAZIN: Doriți să cumpărați echipamentul nostru sv basik? Verificați magazinul nostru de produse și arată-ne puțină dragoste luând o cămașă sau două! Conceput de Emma: PRODUSE & CAMERA ECHIPAMENT: Am colectat unele dintre produsele pe care le folosim în timpul reparației noastre și pentru a realiza videoclipuri în magazinul nostru Amazon. Dacă cumpărați oricare dintre articolele din magazinul nostru sau orice altceva de pe Amazon (folosind linkul), primim câțiva bănuți adăugați la pisicuța noastră de croazieră. Mulțumesc mult și mulțumesc programului Amazon Influencer. Nu uitați să ne dați like pe Facebook! Verificați site-ul nostru! Încă se actualizează. 😜


39 thoughts on “Navigație de vară fierbinte în MEXICO! – Stil de viață la bord ep.221

  1. Happy belated Birthday Miss Emma! Enjoyed your shopping choices 😁😁!
    Great video, crew; very enjoyable! Missed Compass, though… maybe he's just staying incognito (or as Beavis and Butthead of MTV fame used to say, "we're in-burrito").

  2. My wife and I spent the sumer of 2001 in the Sea of Cortez, And we had day temps in the 110 t0 115 degree range. And we had the bees. we learned that they were after fresh water, so we set a pie pan on deck with a sponge in the centr and kept the water level just even with the top of the sponge. They came by the droves, some would come in the cabin for a drink from th fresh water faucet. Night's were miserable until after 2AM when the temp came down enough for both to sleep. So enjoy and know that you are one of thousands that lived the Mexican summer.

  3. You are handling the heat with a good attitude and still enjoying the area. Teal, you ever think about going hybrid if it would help you? Maybe not practical for the price? Hi to that older girl Emma, ha! God Bless 🐻🙏🇺🇸

  4. Linh, isn't the astronomical date you were referring to the Autumn Equinox? Summer Solstice is in June. Longest day, shortest night. Equinox is day and night of equal length. This year Sept. 23rd. 🎉🎉🌄🌄

  5. The most beautiful boat on the planet teal..esp with that green sail.. you know I saw you have the best type of fan so maybe you could make a swamp type cooler.. with Linh making a net or you making a series of pvc pipes with water holes in it and the pressure created by moving through the water could push the water throughout on the aft deck over the net somewhere and Wala a new cool invention.. or Linh could finish her cookbook and sell it for 5 bucks a piece to all the subs..or a dollar a recipe and you would really feel very cool… What is the temperature of the water in the ocean there ..and hopefully it's not to humid..just saw it's 95.. well time to get that ac next time back in the US. Soooo funny seeing Linh falling out of that hammock.. oh yah they do have those portable swamp coolers which help and with a spray bottle you will be cool .. I have used one like that and it worked.. you just can't move an inch away from them.. how is compass doing in the heat ..didn't see him make his appearance as the star of the show. Did you notice anything in the water with that earthquake the other day.

  6. I follow a couple of boat channels in Florida and the Caribbean. They all have AC. You guys sailed here before..why didn't you install AC when you did the solar. It seems pretty miserable. Linh isn't a complainer and she is hot…AC in the future?

  7. Funny Emma, I missed out on your joke this week at the grocery store with the chips.. I was in a big hurry to get to the races and commenting.. that was a good idea I thought too..

  8. I remember how cold you were in Seattle – I think it was. All you wanted to do was get south to Mexico! Which would you rather? Skidding about on icy decks or dealing with thirsty bees and running fans? Finding that sweet middle spot must be tricky, so please keep sailing and keep these great videos coming too. Thank you.

  9. Always a great video. I always look for it every week. Safe travels, keep up the good work on the videos. Ever since you left Monterey, California I’ve watched every episode.

  10. Oh how I love Mexico. I had 2 Gold crown timeshares that had 4 weeks total. I could stay anywhere. Mexico was always my favorite vacation. You are on a house on the water and that rocks. Love you all and stay safe out there.

  11. Strang thing, you guys live so much better than I could live, in a large town with every store around me…
    And your daily view, out of this world!!
    Keep it up, so we can only dream!!!

  12. We are enjoying your adventures in Baja and are always impressed with your positive attitude, even when you are baking. Would love to hear how the Starlink is working and if you have had any issues with it.

  13. 🌊🦈 “Damn Lifestyle, 🫵🏼 Onboard” 🌊🦈
    I used to watch 🫵🏼’all build 🫵🏼’re boat. I remember hoping you’re wife would market her culinary skills.
    I moved to Toronto, Ontario & now will play “catch up” with 🫵🏼’re videos.
    Why are the bee’s so abundant ? Sailing with the Bee’s. 🐝

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