Bye Bye DIESEL – Devenim hibrid electric!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 251)

Bye Bye DIESEL - Devenim hibrid electric!!  (MJ Sailing - Ep 251)

Folosește codul MJSAILING pentru o reducere suplimentară de 10% la reducerile de toamnă Visele noastre se împlinesc, pentru că vom face din catamaranul nostru o barcă hibridă electrică!! În carca port/oaspete va fi un sistem hibrid cu motor diesel și motor electric, iar în carena proprietarului nostru va fi un singur motor electric. Acest lucru nu ar fi posibil fără ajutorul lui Max Cruise și suntem profund recunoscători. Nu numai că lucrează cu noi pentru a dezvolta un sistem hibrid care va funcționa cu unul dintre motoarele diesel Yanmar existente, dar restul sistemului este un cadou din partea companiei. WOW – suntem fara cuvinte!! Rămâneți la curent pentru a afla cum va funcționa acest sistem în interesul nostru în timp ce navigam, precum și o privire aprofundată asupra regenerării – sau, obținerea puterii în timp ce navigam. Sperăm să vă bucurați! Multă dragoste de la Annapolis! Jessica, Matt și Georgie Link către barca noastră: Mulțumim FOARTE Patronilor noștri. Acești susținători extraordinari ne ajută să ne menținem pe barcă, echipamentele noastre de cameră la zi și videoclipurile care urmează. Fără patronii noștri, aceste videoclipuri nu ar fi posibile. Pentru a vă înscrie în rândurile Patreon, vă rugăm să vizitați sau Cumpărați-ne o bere prin PayPal! sau Ajută să contribui la construcție cumpărând Lista noastră de dorințe Amazon! Adresa de livrare: Kentmorr Marina 910 Kentmorr Road Stevensville, MD 21666 Vă mulțumim!, Matt și Jessica – Obțineți marfa: https:// Videoclipuri realizate de Jessica, cu Matt și Georgie. 00:00 – O ușoară schimbare în această săptămână 00:24 – Introducere 00:53 – Deveniți un domn sau o doamnă 02:45 – Hibridul nu este atât de complex pe cât credeți 09:40 – Planul original și NOU pentru barca noastră 15:29 – Un mare MULȚUMIM lui Max Cruise!! 16:01 – Să intrăm în Regenerare 26:32 – Muzica de închidere: Pandemonium (Versiunea Tribute) – Echipamentul camerei Mondays folosit: – Panasonic Lumix GH5 – Microfon pentru pușcă Shure VP83F – – GoPro Hero8 Previous Ambarcațiuni: 1983 Trisalu 37 – aluminiu la comandă, construit în Quebec (Elements of Life) Unde am fost: 2,5 ani refit în Indiantown, Florida; Abacos, Bahamas; St. Barth; St. Maarten; Antigua; Saba; Azore; Irlanda; Scoţia; Norvegia; Anglia 1989 Sabre 34 Targa (Serendipity) Unde am navigat cu ea: SUA – Bahamas – Jamaica – Cuba – Insulele Cayman – Honduras – Guatemala – Belize – Mexic – Bermuda – Azore – Madeira – Insulele Canare – Sint Maarten – BVI – Software de editare USVI: Site-ul Adobe Premier Pro: Facebook: Instagram: & /mj_wayfaring/


34 thoughts on “Bye Bye DIESEL – Devenim hibrid electric!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 251)

  1. So , if I understand right , you should be able to get another 25% ( conservative estimate ) extra range from the 1 diesel motor + 2 electric/regen engines if you are unable to sail for some reason on the amount of fuel you have onboard. I guess if you have good sunny days you would get even more range. I think this is a brilliant system you have chosen for your cat. get news guys. Oh and the add for the "Lady" was VERY funny . Well done for that too, must have been fun to do that for your sponsors.

  2. le diesel sera toujours présent pour alimenter les générateurs, on complique simplement la propulsion, sauf si les générateurs font moins de bruit que les moteurs traditionnels…

  3. I just discovered you!! Glad to watch and experience with you! Looking forward to upcoming episodes! Meanwhile I will peruse the archives… Ex Island Time 40, Island Time
    Rich and Karen in SoCal

  4. But remember there is no such thing as a free lunch. The regen will slow the boat and/or require the sails to be "powered up" in order to generate the power. Using one engine to drive both props probably increases the propulsion efficiency because of doubling the total prop area, but the hoped-for reduction in BSFC is probably not as much as might be hoped for. Still a good system, but not magic.

  5. Do you plan on having a fossil fuel back up power source? A 100 % anything is not always the best way, but can eliminate the bad diesel found at the islands fueling locations by full Solar. Adequate battery storage capacity makes for a more efficient power source and wind is in fact your main power source anyway any other propulsion is simply a back up. When built to be solar does make a world of difference performance wise at sea. I am sure you guys did your homework there. Looking forward to seeing the end result on the water.

  6. Doing a hybrid diesel & EV the way you’re planning seems brilliant! I want to learn more. Would consider doing my cat the same way when I see how well yours works out! Again most brilliant! Lady Jessica lol, love the funny intro!
    Dean Bradenton, Florida

  7. This is the appropriate solution until we have access to a power source that is free of fossils AND can be stored in as large amounts and as safe and as reliable as the well proven diesel. IMHO.
    The best is not to go motorsailing/driving/flying of course
    Aren't we all using energy on an expensive loan to earth? Even the production of batteries and pv panels is at a cost. But for now we do what we can and invest in the next "best" thing and stimulate kapitalism to go further in renewable energy propulsion systems. It may take who knows how long for a true one. We need hybrid now as the next step.
    Very good choises you made.
    Thx for the advocacy to all of us.
    It is stimulating.

  8. If those figures stand up and I'm sure they will, it looks like the best of both worlds. Max Cruise have shown beyond doubt they have their customer best interests at heart and i hope they get a ton of business because of it. On a side note, I bet having an argument with Matt would be very frustrating because of his methodical and detailed approach to everything… which is a good thing in my book! … Stay Safe & Fair Winds!!

  9. You covered weight distribution, weather, cruising range and lifestyle, prop type and size, hybrid option(s), spcl. speed/power/torque/rpm, regen, augmenting battery size and location. Any projected broad cost comparison options for this boat size? E.g.: 2 full electric engines, 2 diesel engines, 1 new diesel hybrid & 1 new electric engine, 1 used hybrid & 1 used electric engine, 2 diesel/electric hybrid engines. Cost to be separate or include props/fuel tanks/battery bank and auxiliary equipment.
    Down the road discussions about noise, heat, fuel, comfort, reliability, maintenance, ease of maintenance, parts availability, redundancy, maintenance work area space.

  10. Interesting solutions, hope you can sell the spare engine for a good price. I guess wind strength and angle will be a big factor in speed and power consumption. I think Terry deserves a credit for his work developing and testing the systems.

  11. Interesting discussion, Matt and Jess.

    For my boat, I will use diesel-electric propulsion – a tested and tried technology – since the late 19th century (1880 something). One can save a whopping 30+% fuel, because there´re no longer a RPM to torque mismatch.

    If one doesn´t like the electric part of diesel-electric propulsion there´s another option, which is hydraulic.

    One should avoid doing many conversions, because otherwise the total efficiency drops – fast. That means if one has a dead/malfunctioning combustion engine, but plenty of electricity, one should not use electricity to spin the hydraulic pump, but instead use an electric motor to turn the propeller shaft.

  12. Looking forward to seeing your hybrid setup! Is your one diesel engine still going to have a high output alternator or is the electric motor attached to that diesel the only way to generate electricity from the diesel engine?

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