85 Sarp Yacht Tutorial [Cannes Yachting Festival]

85 Sarp Yacht Tutorial [Cannes Yachting Festival]

85 Sarp XSR 85 2022 [NEW BOAT]
Broker de iahturi: Alex Clarke // Alex@DenisonYachting.com // 203.722.3047 Preț cerut: 5.300.000 USD Locație: Cannes Boat Afișează preț, specificații + fotografii: https://hubs.ly/Q01nMsn_0 Ryan Alexander ne oferă o prezentare completă a iahtul cu motor 85 SARP Edge XSR de la Festivalul de Yachting de la Cannes. XSR 85 este proiectat respectând natura. Elementul cheie al designului este aranjamentul sticlei care inconjoara intregul salon, oferind o mare lejeritate si vizibilitate din interior spre exterior. Utilizarea sticlei integrate extinse oferă designului o notă arhitecturală pentru libertatea și flexibilitatea proprietarului, cu senzația unică de punte deschisă. Alex G. Clarke C: 203.722.3047 O: 954.763.3971 Alex@DenisonYachting.com 0:00 Introducere 1:12 Platformă de înot 1:46 Cabină 2:40 Puntea din față 3:07 Sala motoare 3:52 Salon 5:05 :40 Cabină 6:20 Salon inferior 7:10 Cabină principală 7:35 Cabină pentru oaspeți 8:03 Cabină VIP 8:33 Flybridge 9:53 Outro Musicbed SyncID: MB01ECWEWWYGLDX


34 thoughts on “85 Sarp Yacht Tutorial [Cannes Yachting Festival]

  1. Hey Ryan is back! I love this walk through even though I've seen this yacht 3 times now. Ryan giving a walking tour is way better than Ryan doing a voice over and waxing poetic about the features. Ryan does the better walk through videos when he is by himself or with Kurt.

  2. That living room area below also becomes a bedroom. The doors slide out to block it off and the dayhead becomes your ensuite. This boat is also pretty fast considering it's shape and size. I think it made 19 knots or something. I've seen so many 'explorer' or 'SUV' or 'UHV', whatever they want to call them, yachts lately from Cannes and Monaco. Lazzara had an interesting one but the one that was really cool was the ST. Barths 75. They had a diesel and gasoline storage tank in the swim platform. Explorer yachts also had a cool design plus they managed to get the Seakeeper and Humphries stabilizers to work in unison. I was looking forward to the new CdM and Horizon models, but nobody is putting anything out about them. So maybe they aren't that great. Archipelago 37 is a yacht you all should check out. An explorer catamaran made of aluminum. Arksen was also supposed to have a yacht there and nobody has covered that either. Supposedly it will right itself if it tips over. I know you wll will get there. Good to see Ryan back.

  3. Stunning, stunning and just amazing, this has everything you could want. I think that this is the best boat I have ever seen. Does it have a crew cabin. How many crew? What is the cost?

  4. love the walkthrough, great job Ryan! Smartly designed yacht with cool looking engine room and all the luxurious details, only thing I would point out is the ceiling height, looks only 7’2 to me

  5. The best interior and exterior design I have ever seen. And it is not an italian manufacturer. I am surprised very much. The execution is perfect. Just the best interior lay out and overall execution – bravo! Colour combination is outstanding. I personaly think this is the best yacht for chartering during couple of weeks. What me suprised most of all is ventilation scheme in ceiling – super marvelos engineering decision. If one's need a perfect yacht project copy this yacht in 40-50 meters and you have oustanding exploring class yacht for decade ahead.

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