Viitorul navigației

Viitorul navigației

Campionatele Int Moth Pacific Coast din Long Beach California 2022 de Kettle Cinema LLC.


26 thoughts on “Viitorul navigației

  1. Super cool! But aren't these guys leaning out too far? Wouldn't you want the sail to be vertical? They are leaning it past vertical, towards them. On a traditional sailboat you lean out because the mast is leaning away from you and you are trying to get it back to be more vertical, as opposed to less… 🧐

  2. Great video. Would be cool to see these experienced moth sailors performing more advanced boat handling skills, like tacking and gybing while foiling. Do you have any B roll footage to share?

  3. As an ex-Mothie and foil owner, I have to say that I hate the arrogant "future of sailing" slogan. Moths and foilers are fantastic but the idea that there is only one future for the sport is a disgusting slur on other classes. The foiling boat classes are wonderful but they are a tiny niche that is growing very, very slowly if at all. To piss all over every other type with a slogan that implies that there is only one future, and that is foiling, is rude and arrogant and makes me ashamed to have a foil.

  4. love the vid, Moths have been cutting edge for years starting with the "Scows" (not sure of the spelling) in the 70's, I was sailing "Kitty Cats" (at the time fastest 12 foot kat in the world) in the late 70's and the rules lent them to take one of those Hull's and start experimenting with foils, I find it funny to see the title of the video since watching them develop since then, I'm still a fan of the type but at over 100kg's I struggled up hill when the lighter blokes could go faster. Still a great video

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