Acest lucru este mult mai ușor decât navigația! – Lazy Gecko Sailing VLOG 233

Acest lucru este mult mai ușor decât navigația!  - Lazy Gecko Sailing VLOG 233

Recent am primit vești mari! Împrumutul nostru a fost aprobat pentru noul nostru RV!! Aceasta este în plus față de barca noastră cu pânze… De ce luăm un RV? Vino să afli! Vom merge să-l ridicăm și să decolam într-o croazieră shake down unde vom afla că habar nu avem ce facem când vine vorba de RV’ing! Consultați NOUA noastră pagină web la Alte link-uri: Server: Vizitați serverul nostru privat vizitând și făcând clic pe VIDEOS Patreon: Deveniți un Patreon la Instagram: Vrei mai mult LGS? Urmărește Instagramul nostru public @lazygeckosailing Urmărește Instagram-ul personal al lui Brittany @lgsbrittany VA ROG ABONAȚI-VĂ! Link-uri la canalul Vimeo: pentru a vedea imagini suplimentare distractive în noile noastre videoclipuri din sezonul 9, vă rugăm să vizitați canalul nostru Vimeo din sezonul 9 la: Vizualizați celelalte sezoane Vimeo folosind link-urile de mai jos! Sezonul 8 Sezonul 7 Sezonul 6 Sezonul 5 /lazygeckoseason5 Sezonul 4 Sezonul 3 Sezonul 2 Sezonul 1 /ondemand/lazygeckosailing


30 thoughts on “Acest lucru este mult mai ușor decât navigația! – Lazy Gecko Sailing VLOG 233

  1. Really Nice rv like those alot. Just a note watch Nico Brothers a lot they are into fixing rv's actually a lot have fire because of the fridges burn/electronics.

  2. Love the R.V so beautiful ! I don’t know where you bought it, we make them in Nacogdoches’s Tx and I know the cost over million plus . Lots of love to you all Geoffrey ❤😘 for Brittany

  3. Congrats on the new RV guys it’s beautiful we really don’t have many like that in Australia 🇦🇺 👍🏻👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  4. Why don’t you guys start another channel like sailing doodles he’s got glamping doodles you guys could have glamping geckos 🦎👍🏻

  5. Wow, looks like you started out new with 45 feet. You have a lot to learn but you are way ahead of the game due to your boating experience. Don’t get a golf cart to take with you for Transporation. To many reasons to list. I have been RVing for over 30years so I do have experience but learn something on every trip! First advice you probably already have but get a road policy Coach-Net, FMCA, Good Sam. No AAA for that rig. If you don’t do this the time will come when you wish you had, believe me!!! Just part of RV life like boating.

  6. Golf carts are great if you are staying in one place. You are young, travel the country and see the sights. Make sure the toad is towable. Dealers don’t always know. Check for yourself. It is different driving with the toad behind you but not hard.

  7. Don’t buy any campground memberships. That is not your lifestyle!!!
    They are never what they sell.
    Now owning your own in a resort like we do is different but travel first.
    Just because a campground is named a resort, don’t believe it!😂

  8. FYI when your traveling and just need a spit to spend tye night if you gave water on board and a generator fair power Walmart will usely let you park overnight in there parking lot out against the outer edges

  9. There should be a pvc valve at the bottom of the potable water tank near the wet bay so you can drain the water on to the ground if you want to empty the tank. You shouldn't have to run the sink to drain the potable tank.

  10. You guys are great I have been following your videos since you started sailing and I wish you luck on your future adventures also I hope one day you guys will check out starlink internet access soon for your RV and Boat.

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