Pe măsură ce ajungem în sfârșit în Costa Rica, suntem loviți de realitatea că este sezonul umed aici! Dar fetele profită la maximum de o situație proastă, când ne instalăm în Bahia Golfito Marina. SV Parlay este un catamaran Lagoon 450 avariat de uragan, pe care Colin l-a reconstruit împreună cu prietenii și a început să navigheze în jurul lumii. Au găsit avarii în peretele etanșului catamaranului lor din Panama, așa că au reparat-o și sunt aproape gata să traverseze Oceanul Pacific!! Pentru a ni se alătura pe Patreon și pentru a obține conținut exclusiv și șansa de a veni cu noi, faceți clic aici! Pentru a cumpăra marfa Parlay Revival faceți clic aici!! Toată muzica este de la sunetul Epidemic! Înscrieți-vă aici și obțineți o probă gratuită de luni pentru a vedea dacă vă place! Urmărește-mă pe instagram pentru actualizări zilnice! ​​Pagina de Facebook: Editat de @flippyhipped (instagram)


45 thoughts on “PROFITĂ LA MAI MULT DE SEZONUL UMED BEBE!! – Episodul 178

  1. Hello Parlay, I am a hurricane IAN survivor. I lived in Ft Myers Beach FL before the hurricane but have lost everything I have ever worked for. I just wanted you to know that you have been such an inspiration to me & my family. We moved to Florida two years ago to start our journey. We knew if we worked hard enough, one day we would follow in your footsteps. My wife & I & kids were able to afford to buy a mobile home in Ft Myers Beach. We worked our asses off & bought a second mobile home to flip then another and so on. We paid off all our bills & owned 6 mobile homes free & clear. Our plan was to sell them all in November & buy our first Catamaran (dam, we were almost there!). Today we start from scratch with $0 in pockets & 6 mobile homes that are worth nothing now (dam we were almost there). We are gathering clothes to wear from strangers, visiting food pantries for food & drying our tears as we've seen our dreams wiped away from this horrible devastation called hurricane IAN. Your current journey & our dreams of a future journey is the only thing that is keeping us moving forward. We will sail the world one day (dam, we were almost therr). In case you're wondering we had hurricane insurance but due to our ignorance, we found out hurricane insurance only covers wind damage not 8 foot of salt water in our homes (silly us for thinking hurricanes included water in them right?). Just need you guys to know that we live thru you more now than ever. Keep doing what you do & live that dream we are all chasing! We love you guys & hope one day to have the chance to sit down for beer with you & the crew (dam, we were almost there).

  2. My wife and I are interested in buying a Hurricane Ian boat but have no idea how to start the process. Do you have any recommendations or insight you would be willing to share?

  3. I have visited this area a few times . Gorgeous in dry season and the views from the park above the new marina are breathtaking . Enjoy your videos a lot . Keep em coming. Do you use telegram as l was contacted to write you on there and l know there are a lot of hackers impersonating others .🐋

  4. Starting at 14:44 ….. Holy shitters Jaime, you're bloody plastered mate. Colin, you should definitely add subtitles to Jaime's video segment¹. Good onya Parlay for making it to Golfito, CR. Cheers from Western OZ 🇦🇺 .

  5. That marina looks lovely, the manager is rightly proud of it and his homeland. Love how friendly and helpful the sailing community is, the rest of the world could learn a lot from you! Safe and smooth onward sailing 😊

  6. Congrats on a huge step forward towards sailing around the world by making it out of Panama and into Costa Rico. OMG! I shouldn't have laughed so hard when you fell into the water Colin. It was because you were all laughing, and you weren't hurt. I do that kind of stuff all the time. I just never expected you to do that!

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