Salonul nautic Annapolis 2022 | Întâlnesc Sailing La Vagabonde, fani și YouTuberi inspiratori!

Salonul nautic Annapolis 2022 |  Întâlnesc Sailing La Vagabonde, fani și YouTuberi inspiratori!

În acest episod, ne încheiem timpul la Annapolis Boat Show 2022. Întâlnim mai mulți oameni grozavi, fani și YouTuberi minunați în timp ce ne bucurăm de minunatul oraș Annapolis! Consultați canalele prezentate în videoclipul nostru: @Sailing La Vagabonde @Kristina’s Travels @Sailing Parlay Revival @Spear It Animal @Sailing Dauntless @Sailing Doodles @Sailing Yabá @Precision Sails @Mantus Marine –––– ––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––– Tot ce noi ❤️, de la echipament pentru cameră la costume de baie și echipament de scufundare! Cine este The Adventure Crews? După ce au lăsat deoparte carierele și normele societății, Cole și Emily Crews sunt creatori de conținut care vor naviga în curând în Caraibe, documentând călătoriile lor și oamenii pe care îi întâlnesc pe parcurs. Scopul lor ca The Adventure Crews este de a le arăta altora cum pot înota împotriva curentului societății, creând o viață care este în același timp intenționată și durabilă. – Fii la curent! – – Emily Instagram – – Cole Instagram – – Pinterest – https:// – Pentru întrebări despre afaceri, trimiteți-ne un e-mail –


16 thoughts on “Salonul nautic Annapolis 2022 | Întâlnesc Sailing La Vagabonde, fani și YouTuberi inspiratori!

  1. Ok! I have gone back and looked at your buying the Boat. (Congrats on your New adventure)!
    Glad you Didn't buy the Lagoon.
    So I would love to see more about the Boat. From fixing the lost prop to putting on the name of the boat.
    Ok until next time I want to say THANK YOU for taking us along on your journey. And can't wait to see more.
    And maybe some day if you are in the pacific ocean. You
    Can swing by the Big Island and say hi.( WE/SAIL) stopped by and stayed a night with us.
    And I would like to extend the same invitation.
    Ok Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii.

  2. I think both of you did an excellent job of covering the show – giving the viewers a feel of the vibe of the show as well as some behind the scenes takes about the town itself

    Emily your broadcast journalism is certainly in your DNA. Within 5 min of watching one of your first videos I said to myself that women could be a TV broadcaster.

    Two cents. I have been following a number of sailing channels over the last 4 years and I am always trying to pinpoint what makes the top performers successful in terms of viewership. I would like to challenge both of you, as you kickoff your channel, to analyze the top five performing sailing channels and through in YBS channel as a wildcard (can’t deny his impressive stats). Emily, I am sure your background will help you guys develop an analytical framework to score and rank the various channels strengths and opportunities- in the end this may help you both find a coverage niche that you can apply your knowledge and skills to drive your channel. As always don’t forget why you bought your dream boat even though it may have only one propeller at times 😮

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