Cum călătoresc cei mai bogați oameni din lume

Cum călătoresc cei mai bogați oameni din lume

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32 thoughts on “Cum călătoresc cei mai bogați oameni din lume

  1. I have zero problems with people becoming wealthy. We all want to live a more comfortable life.

    The problem I have is, these fuckers (like Bezos) lecture us about driving a gas powered vehicle and "climate change". All while burning more fuel in a month's worth of flying, than I'll use in nearly 25 years of driving.

  2. How boring would this be, I kid you not, this lot would be the most boring conversation ever, they have no hobbies etc that they could relate to anybody about. Swaning around with this bunch does absolutely nothing for me. Don't get me wrong I would like have have more money than I need but to be this sort of rich is nothing more than boring and frankly abusive, I would struggle to look at myself in the mirror until I lost sight of reality, just like them.

  3. Sometimes I think this world is just made for just few thousand while others just serving to them..i realy doubt if God would have made such a unequal world with so much inequality in every aspect of life .

  4. Meanwhile, the Davos crowd is propagandizing eating bugs and saying Dutch farmers can't raise livestock because of green house gas emissions. Meanwhile Gates is purchasing farmland across the US and is the largest private owner of land in the USA.

  5. Asset Value Added Taxes and Goods and Services Taxes (possibly with higher rates for higher value purchases) are a better vehicle than either income or wealth taxes to adequately fund the rest of the world.

    More importantly, I would rather see ways to take the wealthy out of owning the workplace, which should be run more democratically. Let the rich eat steak with each other while wealthy business ownership becomes a vanishing phenomenon.

  6. So all the super rich that are telling us to dramatically reduce our carbon emissions are they themselves dramatically INCREASING their carbon emissions! They're just a rich group of Liberal hypocrites!

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