Garcia Explocat 52 navigând.

Garcia Explocat 52 navigând.

Construirea de bărci de croazieră din aluminiu cu apă albastră la Garcia: o măiestrie artizanală care recoltează tehnologii de ultimă oră pentru a face visele proprietarilor noștri de ambarcațiuni să devină realitate.


6 thoughts on “Garcia Explocat 52 navigând.

  1. It would be nice to see a new walkthrough of this Explocat 52. The one on the Garcia website and different YouTube videos is the not as popular design with two rear exposed helms.

  2. Looks you have an amazing boat there Garcia Yachts Team. I've been following this particular cat since you announced it. Though some will focus on the concept of high latitude sailing many of the same things you'd do for that kind of environments (anywhere 50 degrees and above) is going to be good in the Caribbean and equatorial sailing. I'm not a fan exposed helms. I know it is the current design rage, but bulk head mounted helms with command view are much better when sailing into the snot. I personally don't like fads so much as a well found vessel with great engineering.

    At some point it would be nice to see a video that included aspects of design and quality of engineering discussion. How are you going to insulate the hulls and also protect against internal galvanic corrosion when the inevitable high latitude sailor condensation becomes a problem? How are you going to handle heating, plumbing, and the likely chance of full freeze up of plumbing with the bridge deck above the water? How will you handle black water tanks that are usually against a hull or inside of a bridge deck compartment? Have you looked at a selection system for black water like a MSD type 3 or similar to protect arctic environments (or pristine azure waters of the.Bahamas?) How will you deal with heat/cold thermal requirements of systems like Lithium Batteries that can't handle the high or low end? I've seen battery compartments that cool but never one that warms.

    Have you looked at things similar hydraulic swing keels? Is there an insulated window package? How are you going to do heat and cooling? Lots of questions.

  3. Ist a shame you Guys @ Garcia dont invest more time in makin content for YouTube. These cats and the García 60 coming would put a bigger light on you Guys

  4. Dear Garcia, It is quite embarrassing that a yard of your stature produce such amateur product videos. Please look at what your competitors are doing and step up your game. Thanks in advance (PS if you need help, please reach out to Jared Watney from ocean air media, he is doing fantastic work for a plethora of brands, have a look at the content Kinetic catamarans are putting out lately)

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