EFAVAT PENTRU REPARAT ÎN 20 DE MINUTE//Reconstruirea unui catamaran epavat în 1 an-Episodul 101

EFAVAT PENTRU REPARAT ÎN 20 DE MINUTE//Reconstruirea unui catamaran epavat în 1 an-Episodul 101

Săptămâna aceasta facem o scurtă recapitulare a ultimului an și jumătate din viața noastră. Este o nebunie să vezi atât de mult timp și de lucru în 20 de minute, dar sperăm să te bucuri de această versiune instantanee, cu note de stâncă a următoarei noastre aventuri. Urmăriți întregul proces de la început: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZirWOOaKPWI-yt0kjHKsMxEBu1XPCCg6 Vrei să ne sprijini? Iată câteva moduri în care puteți: 🛍DAUNTLESS GEAR: https://theletteringmachine.com/SailingDauntless/shop/home Apreciați, urmăriți și distribuiți! 👍FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/svdauntless/ 🫶INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/svdauntless/ NU UITAȚI DĂ LIKE, ABONAȚI-VĂ ȘI CLICK ACEL CLOPEL🔔 Dacă vă simțiți generos ne puteți susține și noi aici: ⛵️ALĂTURĂ-TE ECHIPULUI pe Patreon (abonament): https://www.patreon.com/sailingdauntless 🫙Pune un bacșiș în borcanul TIP JAR (donație o dată): https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/sailingdauntless Consultați site-ul nostru: https://www.sailingdauntless.com ___________________________ Muzică în acest videoclip: www.epidemicsound.com ____________________________


39 thoughts on “EFAVAT PENTRU REPARAT ÎN 20 DE MINUTE//Reconstruirea unui catamaran epavat în 1 an-Episodul 101

  1. Call me crazy, but I remember waiting for every episode to come !!! Wiiiiishing I could just binge watch them all at once😂
    So glad you all made this adventure and brought us all along ❤

  2. Love the videos, amazed at how you contemplate just starting the rebuild- even more amazed at the number of subscribers, there has got to be something wrong with how your channel is promoted – should be at 200K subscribers, going back to like each video

  3. "We Bought A Boat" was the very first video I watched on sailing Dauntless. I quickly became hooked. I've watched every video since. You guys have quickly became one of my favorite boating channels. I look forward to where your journey takes you, and as always, living dauntless.😀

  4. I will say that I enjoyed watching all the fiberglass repair work but I know that you hated all the sanding. Thanks for taking the time to document all of this hard work so that we could follow along with you. It is odd how in many ways we know each of you as if you were part of our own family. We sent prayers when you were all sick. Laughed with you when you celebrated your sucesses and cringed when you discovered the corroded sail drives. Thanks again for allowing us to be a part of all of this be it small.

  5. This is my first time visiting, gonna check out your channel to get an understanding of what happened but what little i know about boats. The job looks good but man just the boat yard storage was big time, the glass, epoxy, coatings, engines, skiff, etc. Then the spar and sails is in my estimate would be nearing 400k on a million dollar plus catamaran. Looks great though!

  6. I've been watching you folks for quite a while now, and when I first saw this "submarine" I did wonder if you had been into the sherry bottle! But, the attitude of the whole family had me very confident you just might pull this crazy stunt off. Boy, did you ever! Well done. If you ever get to Western Australia I would love to meet you. All the best with your adventures to come.

  7. I love all of you so much for this video, just being able to relive all the great memories truly made me cry. You have an amazing family and I hope every single dream you have comes true. Keep making those memories and I will watch them no mater what they are.

  8. When the parts were being made for the repairs I have to admit I got a bit lost with how it was going to come together. I was stunned with the outcome of putting the puzzle pieces into place to fix the damage. An unbelievable process and an awesome result. Love the boat, the process, you guys. Thank you for sharing this journey. 😀💕😀

  9. No doubt you guys have worked your butts off for this project and you got an amazing result.. I particularly love your colour choice.. The one thing i can't understand is how a 50 foot catamaran completely sunk with damage to just one hull.. that is not suppose to happen… can you provide any more info on the sinking ? On that basis, I personally would not take her offshore and put my family at risk with this vessel.

  10. Well done Mum and Dad, Top Job Syd for sticking in their and helping them both, lost of kids wouldn't have. life just like a piggy bank one only gets outa it what one puts in. the 50 is a work of Art. U guys made that happen.

  11. buying that Cat was the coolest thing you have ever done because that is how real honest memories are made and you will look back and think , the repair refit was a total blast , Question how long was the boat underwater

  12. When I first started watching your journey, I didn't think it was possible for anyone to have the commitment, skills, time, resources, patience to fix this boat. Your family proved me wrong. Thank you for bringing us on the journey so far. You are incredible.

  13. @Dauntless, in retrospect do you now think it would have been easier to cut some holes in the bottom in the beginning so you could wash all the sand out with a water hose?

  14. That was a very interesting recap of the challenges and a very little taste of the work it took to get your L50 into the water for the first time. I’ve been watching the progress since you first found the boat and up to the point that you put the L45 up for sale and have been totally impressed with all your work ethics and determination to get the job done, whatever it took. Congratulations on getting where you are today and I’m looking forward to watching you finish the rest of the refit on the L50 so you get back to living on the water. In case you hadn’t seen the videos, you may wish to stay away from the coast of Portugal and Spain as there are several Orca’s that, for some unknown reason, love to attack boat rudders and have damaged several over the past year.

  15. Oh man, I remember finding your channel through Parlay, when you were still working on the Lagoon. It's been such an adventure! Hard to believe it's already been so long since that first time I saw your awesome family working together to put that 450 back together. Definitely one of my favorite channels and I can't wait to see what the next adventure brings!

  16. Watched everyone of those vids building up to today. Great to see it again. I said previously the 45 turned out so top self!!! Which I know the factory has been following. 😎 Your own 50??? This is going to be awesome. Let's get it done!!! 👍🏻👍🏻😎😎😎

  17. I have been following you guys for a good time now, prior to you buying the damaged yacht. I am amazed at the restoration work that you did as a family, thanks for allowing us to follow your journey. Good sailing once you are at sea again.

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