Incendiu masiv pe iaht în Queensland | Probleme în SA pentru iahtul rusesc | SY News Ep144

Incendiu masiv pe iaht în Queensland |  Probleme în SA pentru iahtul rusesc |  SY News Ep144

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31 thoughts on “Incendiu masiv pe iaht în Queensland | Probleme în SA pentru iahtul rusesc | SY News Ep144

  1. The Govt has responded , saying as long as they the comply with international migration rules they are welcome i South Africa. South Africa is part of BRICS remember .South Africa has never condemned the war in Ukraine. Russia was part of the allies for Fighting the end of Apartheid. This Yatch is welcome in South Africa.

  2. I understand. I know that there are reasons for every bulb and flap and mast sprouting from the top of a motoryacht, but they certainly look ridiculous. Marine architects work to create beautiful lines and proportions, then the engineers put all those items on the top to make what looks like a hat designed by Dr. Seuss.

  3. "….The South African ANC Government are ALL Putin Puppets and continue to support Putins Russian invasion of Ukraine and have Vetoed every single movement against Russia at the UN etc.
    The Western Cape Government in Cape Town will be totally overruled by the ANC Government!
    Their will be NO prevention of supplying any Services by the ANC South African Government!!!
    The ANC South African Government have given permission to dock in Cape Town!!! "

  4. Hi great story about superyatch coming to South Africa but unfortunately Cape Town mayor and premier does not have such powers to prevent it from entering or getting services. It is not in line with the constitution and democratic country.. ANC RULING PARTY OF SOUTH AFRICA WHO ARE IN POWERR…CAN ONLY MAKE SUCH LAWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS

  5. People fire is a rare thing on boats, but I can assure you that it can happen very easily and quicker than you might imagine. A boat, by nature is full of combustible items, and once a fire gets into anything to do with the fuel system, it's very difficult to put it out. I've seen very large boats reduced to just a dugout canoe at the waterline

  6. Reason why ships are heading to Southern Hemisphere is that it's well into our Spring down here, and sanctioned owners are obviously not going to get any joy trying to summer in traditional climes like Monte Carlo or Entibbes, so I guess Pacific Islands are a good second choice..

  7. Nord is Welcome in South Africa. The Premier is a visitor to Ukraine, while ignoring Donbass. People and companies will definitely assist Nord. South Africa is Part of BRICS. There is no way that South Africa would hinder Russian vessels. Tony Blinken had before begged South Africa in Person to Block trade with Russia. and was given the cold shoulder. South Africa 's stance was made very clear. I Live in Cape Town.

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