Furtuna tropicală ne-a îndreptat drumul – Să navigăm! – Episodul 84

Furtuna tropicală ne-a îndreptat drumul - Să navigăm!  - Episodul 84

După două zile de navigație către Huatulco, Mexic, verificăm vremea și realizăm că o furtună tropicală se îndreaptă spre noi. Tragem ancora și pornim în siguranță într-o zi de mai multe zile. Doriți să ajutați la susținerea producțiilor noastre video? Alăturați-vă echipajului nostru One Life aici: https://www.patreon.com/SailingOneLife Ți-a plăcut acest videoclip? Cumpără-ne o băutură aici: https://svonelife.com/support-us/ Am fost recent invitați la podcastul Ocean Cruisers, vezi-l aici: https://youtu.be/buiECYOFtxw Am colaborat cu Epic Water Filters . Împreună ne putem ajuta să ne protejăm oceanele și fauna sălbatică, câte un filtru de apă! Pentru a-ți lua propriul echipament Epic Water Filter, mergi la: https://www.epicwaterfilters.com?aff=134 **Asigură-te că folosești codul promoțional EPICONELIFE în timpul comenzii pentru a primi 20% reducere la comanda ta. One Life Merchandise: https://svonelife.com/merchandise/ Pentru mai multe aventuri Sailing One Life și actualizări actuale, urmăriți-ne pe: Facebook – http://facebook.com/SailingOneLife Instagram – http://instagram.com/SV_One_Life Website – http://svonelife.com


34 thoughts on “Furtuna tropicală ne-a îndreptat drumul – Să navigăm! – Episodul 84

  1. Things that make you go hmmmm…. Low flying plane, probably below radar, with no lights on – what could that possibly be…. lol. The drone thing was weird though – maybe military?

  2. Just a quick comment if you have oil pressure concerns again where you can't just stop and work on it, it will be a bit messy, but pull off the valve cover and look at the oil in the top of the head. This will give you an idea how the oil system is working. As stated before, high oil pressure will not usually cause catastrophic problems, but could create some leaks. Thanks for letting us share in your adventures.

  3. boat issues on passage, oh joy. Speaking of joy, what happened to Darin and Krystl? I csan't find their channel anywhere. Heck I can't remember what their channel was. Keepp up the good stuff. Gary's reaction to the first dolphins when in troubleshooting mode vs the second and third when in relax chill mode. Precious

  4. Guess Gary has added an analog oil pressure gauge to the supply list, hope you guys were able to resolve the problem!
    Ok, what is you recipe for your Thai noodle dinner you made, it looked very tasty!

  5. Y’all keep throwing back the number 1 tuna in sushi Resteruant. Just cut the chin and stick it in a bucket. Ice it and cut the dark blood lines out. You will be surprised. Guaranteed! In Hawaii they’re called Aku.

  6. Great episode, you two make a great team. A lot of yanmar engines don't even have an oil pressure gauge, mine doesn't, just a low oil pressure alarm so I wouldn't even know of a potential problem. Despite the frustration of the fault happening at the start of the passage you both stayed calm and accepted the situation , good work. 👍

  7. Wow – this was great! I love all that you two do – the sailing, hiking, meeting the locals, and helping others out! This episode seemed like a day in the life on passage (even though it wasn't) with the bits about washing your face, folding clothing, working on the boat, fishing, sleeping, and watches… Way to keep on moving even with mechanical issues! Brooke, you've come a long way – love it!

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